Any news on M1 Mac support in 2021?

I can’t seem to find if the M1 Mac issues have been fixed. Is there a native app for M1 Mac now? Does it work?



I just installed SC2 on my M1 MacBook Air. It works perfectly in the single player campaign modes. Very fast and smooth at 1440p with pretty high graphics settings - maybe the best I have ever seen on a Mac. No crashes or glitches whatsoever in single player that I can see.

Unfortunately I can’t join any multiplayer games, it always gives the error:


Anyone else see this? My other Blizzard games (HOTS and Hearthstone) are working perfectly.

I know it’s a pain to ask - have you been able to play the mission Rendezvous?

Crashes when it is loading the mission and is a pain because I’ve been wanting to finish out the campaigns since they came out and life is such that I finally have a little bit to do it.