Alternate universe proposals?

As an experiment, I wanted to discuss proposal for alternate universes that recycle the interesting ideas from Starcraft while ignoring the sillier ideas.

I liked ToxicDefiler’s proposal a lot, even considering that it’s the only proposal that’s been written. Even so, I disagreed with his decision to recycle ideas from canon that were no longer necessary and ignoring some innovations from SC2.

If anyone is interested in discussing further, then feel free to reply.

I mean, if you want to write AU fanfic, more power to you. My thoughts will undoubtedly be the same the last 2-4 times this thread was made. If you want to have characters from Canon, be true to them, don’t just steal the names and then attach them to entirely different characters. If you intend to replace a period of time (say, all of SC1 and Brood War, but leave the Guild Wars intact) then make sure the beginning and end link up to the original timeline in the same way the chunk youre replacing does. Don’t feel obligated to have the same tiny handful of characters be the only movers and shakers in the galaxy.


It’s done in comics pretty much all the time. There’s an evil version of like every super hero.

If you’re making a fanwork, you need to be respectful to the original creator.

If you want to do something like stick the characters, with their motivations, values, and personalities intact and stick them in say, a high school setting, that’s kinda overdone but go for it.

However if you want to make Raynor gay for Tychus and make Mengsk a reasonable authority figure, you’d stopped making a fan work and just slapped stolen names on your own characters.

Yeah, but evil opposite characters tend to either be a deconstruction of the prime character, poorly written or both.

Wol was okay but some things like safe haven feel like your not supposed to win.

A mothership beats a BC, especially if it has an invulnerable shield that’s not powered by stupid Nexii. If anything that would be on board the ship. Not to mention their whole carrier fleet as well. Give the toss Tempests in Wol imo.

Supernova mission also suicidal.

Tosh - keep redstone but remove the whole let’s try to steal from toss mission. As soon as they detect you , realistically they would attack with everything and raynors forces would be annihilated.

Find Jorium from a Terran base etc.

Make a point about, stealing BCs or something like the UED did.

The derelict xel-naga ship could be given motion via putting some toss engines on it. Drive that straight to char. Could Have toss gather the artifacts and combo that with the rift tech to make a killer beam weapon via mothership.

just the crew of the Hyperion teamed up with half of the dominions fleet was never going to work against one of the Zergs prime worlds like Char. It’s Suicidal unless you have way more forces .

Then theres the whole Tychus thing. Needs a rework .

Keep Kerrigan Terran. Then have Raynor and /or Toss Forces execute her and say , “That was for Fenix!” What was the point of the xelnaga artifact if she just goes back to Zerg ? The whole Amon made her do bad things retcon was bad writing.

Could remove xel-naga artifact altogether. That might be better.

Amon was stupidly OP.

He’s a Xelnaga. He’s not a god. We don’t need gods in sc2 this isn’t Warcraft in Space!

Zerg Forces could’ve been lead by Zagara, Abathur , and Stukov.

primal Zerg . Rework or remove.

So remove Amon. Have everyone be a holes to each other like good factions should be.

If we’re gonna have a mission like In Utter Darkness , some good irony would be the prophecy being a lie, which it is.

Prophecies have always been a bad thing .

Don’t screw with the khala. Cause blizzard doesn’t know their own lore enough to even define the khala correctly.

Starting to rant here…

Artanis can still lead and unite the Protoss against their common enemy… the Zerg.
So Take back Auir The right way .

There are no gods . This is starcraft.

Hmm? What?

(10 Char)

Hes just a xel naga not deity like. there are no gods in starcraft. no warcraft in space thats 40k…

Ah, my point is that he failed to be even that. He is neither OP nor competent. It’s almost a running joke on our forum at this point that any stupid, idiotic and ridiculous thing once contributed to Amon, it all make sense.

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It’s lame that only a Xel’Naga can kill him though and that he can hold off all 3 races singlehandedly. That’s probably what he means.


I see. Well, it was the last mission, so mechanically I think it was appropriate. Beside, is it really a God if you can kill it?

With the benefit of hindsight, it is obvious to me that the Overmind should have been the big bad of the franchise.

The definition of a God is different from a culture to another here on Earth. Egyptian Gods for instance could be killed.


A Russian vomiting acid can kill Duran but for some reason only another Xel’naga can kill Amon.

The epilogue isn’t even consistent with itself.

Personally I read it as “Amon will kill the crap out of all of you unless you juice up Kerrigan enough to punch back” rather than “Amon is literally immune to everything that isn’t a Xel’naga”

And given that Amon starts literally just punching the terrain out from under you, I don’t think that’s an entirely unreasonable assertion. Had that fight relied entirely on mundane firepower, its quite likely that Amon could out-last the alliance and simply kill them all before they could break through his armor.

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The Spear of Adun itself should have been able to take a giant steamy crap on Amon. It’s an even more powerful ship that contains hundreds of ships that destroy planets.

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Yeah, when they sit there and charge their beams at it for 10 minutes. There is a reason that the protoss never use the purifier beams in actual ship to ship combat.

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Still. If you go Spear and all the Yamatos, that space bugger goes down the Void toilet.

Just my take.

Anyway, I think a setting could work where the Confederacy, Overmind and Conclave are constants rather than discarded in the very first story arc. I think they could be expanded immensely. For example…

The Confederacy could be expanded to multiple interstellar member states rather than one (to mitigate the effect of the planet glassing during the opening battles). It could be given a rival called the Union composed of those interstellar nations that united against its wars of aggression. Perhaps the Union could include the UED among its members. Transhumanism is rampant, as is reverse engineering alien ruins. Humanity is a growing power, and this makes them a target.

The Protoss could be expanded to a galactic empire that considers the koprulu war a minor border dispute and underestimates the danger of the zerg. Given how much bureaucracy and territory and other alien civilizations they deal with, it seems more excusable that they cannot manage the Koprulu war more competently. They style themselves the inheritors of the xel’naga legacy, and they can easily support their arrogance. They refrained from annexing humanity due to restrictions imposed by the Great Stewardship, but conservative politicians see the war as a chance to change that.

The Zerg would be organized into countless broods that devote themselves to the Overmind (their gestalt consciousness) and coordinate through its proxies (also called Overminds). They control the Theta Quadrant of the galaxy (including the galactic core) and have been planning an apocalyptic war against the protoss for millennia. They believe that consuming the fledgling terran civilization will speed their timetable immensely.

But that’s just one possibility. What do you think? Is it worth me pursuing?

Well, maybe I’ve been too harsh on you in the past that this point is lost on you; having an interesting original idea is NOT your weak point far from it! I even dare say all your ideas are interesting and original. (as original as an idea on the Internet can be) It’s one of the main reason why it’s quite frustrating to see them poorly explored and execute.

I guess my suggestion to you would be picking the idea that you’re most interested in and polish to the best of your ability.