Ally commander tier list

Commanders ranked by usefulness as ally. What can they offer you?

S tier

  • Vorazun – Good early game, has time stop, can cloak your base, and saves your cloaked units. Vorazun is bae :heart:

A tier

  • Kerrigan – Strong early game and has free resources, mini time-stop, and omega worms.

  • Stetmann – Strong early game and has healing, steroids, and vision, but makes you lag.

  • Artanis – Guardian shell!

  • Zeratul – Stupidly strong throughout the game. Can clear rocks.

B tier

  • Abathur – Toxic nests and heals. Like Zeratul but without rock removal.

  • Alarak – Pylon overcharge. He makes fun of your army though.

  • Tychus – Strong early game and can clear rocks.

  • Mengsk – Same as Tychus.

  • Zagara – Strong early game and can clear waves.

  • Stukov – Weak early game but has strong call downs and infinite creep. You might have to carry them to 10 min, but after that they will win the game for you. He also makes you lag.

C tier

  • Dehaka – Please don’t go rock-slapping.

  • Fenix – IDK what he does.

  • Karax – Offers best defense, heals, chronos, and clears waves, but he will not leave his base.

  • Nova – Clears waves and shields your units maybe, but that’s about it.

  • H&H – Free resources and mag mines. Sometimes they might even use those mag mines.

F tier

  • Raynor – Most popular noob pick. Weak early game. Maybe he’ll scan?

  • Swann – Worst early game. Free vespene gas but you will have to carry them to 10 min so I might as well have Stukov. Refuses to leave their base in DoN.

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Let’s get into a game so I can show you


Each ally commanders offers their own unique supports and strengths.
It all comes down to the skill of the player not the commanders.

If you means by global support (like Guardian Shield, Repair beam etc) you have to rework on the tier but in the end it don’t really matter as long as your ally commander carries their own weight to victory.


If player knows how to play them.


S tier

  • Raynor – One of the most OP COs. Strong early-mid-late-game. And scans during Amon ghost nuke for you. Clear maps without breaking a sweat when you are idling in base.

  • Swann – Good early game and end up carrying if they know what they doing. Stardard Herc + tanks good mid game to late game. Provide vision so his p1 lazer kill off enemy wave without engaging. Dominates on DoN inside and out of base.

Playing with one hand and one eye open TIER

Zagara, Tychus, Dehaka and Zeratul.


Hmm… Your opinion of the player’s skill level drops as the ranking does.

Also, you’ve got a few things that I’d argue. Things like saying Raynor’s early game is weak, yet Mengsk’s is strong.

He’s a blunt weapon, but a BIG blunt weapon. Why need fancy tricks when you can just punch Amon in his glowy face?

Fenix is another early-game powerhouse but has extra synergy with defensive commanders because the damage reduction from his conservators also affect buildings.

Also Raynor and Swann are some of the most skill dependant commanders there are. Their effectiveness is based on how much the person playing them can make use of their strengths but Swann is special for the extra gas which makes every other commander better regardless of what they do.

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Wow, I disagree with your entire list…

Haha, post the replay, it would be so entertaining.

I imagine based on OP’s assessment of S to F tier, if he actually played with some more experienced coop players, the whole tier becomes ‘S Tier’ :joy: .

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So, this seems like a list that reflects on your own skill with these CO’s, as of opposed to how other people play them. I’d recommend getting a good solid understanding of each CO before you try to post any kind of ranking list.

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I could believe it if this is how his allies have been. We can’t know for sure since we haven’t seen the games he’s been in (in the form of replays, or session reports). However, this hasn’t been my experiences in the years I’ve been playing (on the Americas server at that)

If you are playing Kerrigan or Abathur, Zagara’s queens can double inject your hatcheries.

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The list reflects what he gets from allies in the random queue, it has nothing to do with how he plays the commanders, and I would say it’s kinda accurate at that.


This is true but he also didn’t say “rankings my allies offered me, but rather”… “ranked by usefulness, what they can offer you”. It is a small difference but one that seem to suggest a supposed more objective ranking than his own subjective ranking.

Of course, it’s a post so everything is generally assumed with a level of subjective opinion. As far as that goes though, it’s quite the opinion being off base to most people’s experience :stuck_out_tongue: .

It depends on what you consider useful ally. The one who can carry you, or the one who makes your army better? I prefer the latter. That makes most useful allies commanders with passive or global abilities like guardian shell, malignant creep, time stop … or the ability to quickly clear both rocks.
All that, however, depends on which commander I am playing as eg. repair beam is super great for mechanical units but useless for zerg …

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If this is true it belongs in the “things I never knew thread” however I checked wiki and it only mentions units:

“Creates a shield that reduces all incoming attack damage to friendly units by 35%. Lasts 15 seconds (30 with upgrade).”

Could be wrong though, can anyone confirm either way?

PS the other important line in the wiki:
“Despite the tooltip stating that Protective Field provides a 35% damage reduction against attacks, this also applies to spell damage.”

Considering you can speedrun SoA and RtK (as examples) in 6-7min. Yeah, it’s a power house. Then again, many things not known… some of us are nooblets who have no right to speak about anything cuz we don’t play B+ :sweat_smile:

I agree with you that random queue these days, we would get these kind of experiences mentioned by the OP. But OP said:

The OP left out the ‘random queue’ and ‘experience’ part. The main post should be edited to reflect that.

Basically, it was worded as “this is what the CO will do for you as your ally”, which naturally makes people who enjoy the lower ranked ones to go “hold on, that’s not true.”

Some of it’s pretty well accepted as common; “Pub Raynors are noobs”, “Swann and Karak turtle and don’t contribute”. They’re not exactly wrong for what can happen, but heck if it isn’t annoying for the people who use the COs often. Have a bad encounter as Raynor? Blasted noob is useless.

This seems like an incredibly useless comment unless I’m missing some important connection allowong Conservators to enable 6-7 minute speed runs of SoA and RtK?

This. I guess I should have clarified, but these are the rankings I would assign a random queue ally based solely on which commander I see during the loading screen, considering the perks they offer and the average player performance.
I’ve never played most of these commanders. In the hands of a strong player, I’m sure they’re all S+ but that would defeat the purpose of a tier list.
As for Fenix, I actually don’t know what the commander does so I stuck him in a random tier :slightly_smiling_face:

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Of course you are, but that’s you in a nutshell… always… unfailing… unfortunately.

HappySack makes a comment about Fenix being (1) a power house and (2) conservators help ally a lot. Then you go “uhhhh, that’s something I didn’t know huurrre duuurrrr”.

Yet, Fenix can speedrun missions in 6-7min. And conservators do in fact contribute to their ally quite a bit with its shielding effect. What you missing? Everything.

For someone who claims to be so pro with your B+ skills, it sure is weird that on almost every subject you show your “mastery” of coop. :+1: <== Pro