AIR TOSS is over powered - MUST NERF

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who finds that that carriers and their multi targets is overpowered and too hard to handle. BCs and Viking are no match in both DPS, and range.

SC2 should change the carriers


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If not nerf, then at least improve the algorithm so that your vikings/hydras and whatnot shoot the carrier and not the damn interceptors. Game sure has some nice eye candy but the underlying code is incredibly basic which forces the one fighting the carrier to jump through all kinds of hoops while the Toss can merrily spend his time compounding the slaughter manually controlling templars or dodging incoming fire instead LOL

Although I’m not convinced the carrier itself is the problem. There is a bit of synergy between several units to create a proper deathball, and truth be told the carrier is not the worst offender. Blizz code is not stellar but this game has deeper issues in its unit design that can’t be fixed with a simple nerf.

It’s mostly that the stuff that is supposed to be dedicated anti-air is absolute rubbish. I’m guessing they probably would have nerfed air already if Toss ground was any good; but … ugh. Sigh. How could they screw up stuff Broodwar did right? The air-to-ground damage is completely off the scale in this game. Meanwhile Zerg still has a leftover flying siege tank design from back when good air-to-ground was tubular; and it paid for this power by giving up both its mobility and the ability to shoot air.

The old designs got it right: either (1) high damage in the sky but lackluster on the ground, like Wraiths, Scouts, Corsairs, Valkyries, Devourers; or (2) the balanced approach with Carriers, Cruisers, Mutas, or (3) a bomber that can’t dogfight in the air. Nowadays everything hits extremely hard extremely far and pretty fast to boot. And you wonder why air is overturned?

Nah. They designed themselves into a pickle. Can’t fix this without redesigning everything carefully and making sure everything has its purpose.

If they ever nerf Toss Air, you’ll find the race in its entirity falls off a cliff immediately. Their ground units are pretty bad, their airforce would get completely stomped by the Terrans; and if they’d try to fix that then they’ll suddenly run into trouble with the marine roflstomping everything.

TL;DR it’s a mess. But nerfing the carrier won’t solve it.


I aggree that changing targeting priority would solve the main problem, if I didn’t have to shift-click every single carrier and re-shift click every single time my enemy casts a storm things would be a lot less unfair.

It’s wonderful that Serral can absolutely decimate skytoss with 600 AMP juggling double spellcasters and two armies while injecting but I am not too keen on learning that.

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terran has no room to cry nerf on air toss , just snipe them with your goast , and yalls thor is sick at anti air , Battle cruiser wreck innceptors .

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