Advise for countering or defending against Zerg rush

Hi guys,

Could you please help with some advice on how to counter a Zerg rush.
I have an example of what I mean by Zerg rush here:

I guess my question is —what could I have done to counter or defend from this attack? (I am a Silver player, just so you know and any advice is greatly appreciated).

Thanks in advance!

2 things,

Firstly, against zerg, you need to wall off at the entrance to your natural like seen in this image (any placement will do so long as you leave 1 square of space for one of your units to sit in on hold position) :

Secondly, you need to scout zerg in PvZ, send a probe to his base after you place your first gateway. This is the only edge case in silver league against PvZ that you need to know - when your probe scout reaches his base, if his spawning pool is done or almost done, your running into what is known as a “12 pool” - the fastest attack that a zerg can hit you with.
So in this case you want to get your wall up and chronoboost out a zealot as fast as possible, and build an extra pylon or your likely supply blocked. If you were too slow you can just seal your wall completely with another building then start building adepts or stalkers to shoot the lings from the inside of the wall.

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If you’re building cannons in his base how can he rush you?
Here’s what you do:

  1. send out 1 probe INSTANTLY
  2. pylon
  3. send probe that built pylon out
  4. Forge
  5. ???
  6. Profit!

(7.) "Oh no! he’s rushing me!
(8.) Make the cannon
(10.) make unit
(11.) ???
(12.) GG EZ

Haha, wow. I see what you did there. I don’t think I have the skills to execute this just yet to be honest.

I also watched some of Florencio’s games and noticed he does a lot of canon rushes, but it’s fairly complicated to execute (to me at least).

Gimme your bnet code and I’ll coach ya for free as much as you can physically handle. Whatever style you want.