Adept.. please remove from game!

The adept is the worst new unit that got introduced into starcraft ever! Hands down not even close! It only makes the game worse, it makes half of the PvP games be block the other guys adepts or die. Then in other match ups it’s just an all-in unit that is no fun to play or play against.

Just remove the unit and the game will be sooooo much better!

For terran remove the widow mine and for zerg remove the swarmhost! These are the worse designed units in the game not fun to play or play against at all. Even though the mine and swarmhosts are nowhere near as bad as the adept!

I do agree its unforgiving , because if you miss the block and a few adepts shades in early on, you will be most of the time to far behind to have a chance to win. On other hand im not decided if its really good or bad, it awards multitasking and reflex, as most of SC2, its quite similar to a mine drop.