Add spectator mode to COOP

Plz Blizzard, make this happen. So I can watch how my friends play.


This is probably the most sensible 3 or more coop player function that’s come out in awhile.

There’s fun to be had watching replays, and even more so when it’s live and your friends (or even strangers really) are playing. That’s why E-sports is a thing.

Meanwhile, we got people so adamantly advocating for actually adding 3-4 players to coop and wanting entire revamps of essentially every map and every commander (to even make it work)… and in a time when coop updates are scarce at best lol.

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It would be a nice thing for someone to help learn a commander but practically speaking, I don’t see it happening. I’m not sure if Maguro Maps allow for spectators, but your best bet is getting replays from your friends and watch them with the camera following their camera and movements.

I just want to comment that… at least if you REALLY want this; its extremely easy to setup twitch to stream via OBS to watch live.

It would be nice to to comment and spectate as the game is going on, but I’m not sure how taxing this is on the games in progress. Otherwise, they probably figure sharing replays is “close enough”.

This is a very sensible idea, so beginners will observe more experienced players who play co-ops for many years, and they will have an idea of what to do in this situation.

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Yeah, and while that broadcast via other media works. The observer mode function has a lot of built-in tabs they can see and follow. The infrastructure is definitely there, would love to see this.