I already know they said they aren’t doing any more updates, etc etc etc. blah blah blah.

This is a big request but I think worthwhile for the community. Everyone who still loves SC2 and there are many players, we all play CO-OP because it’s awesome. I’d like to see them update / upgrade / remaster the code. I don’t want a new game release where they charge us again - just update the existing SC2 and make your fan base even stronger.

The biggest problem is the fact that it runs so laggy / slow FPS. I’ve read multiple topics on the issue and they said it is something with the design code. Because it’s older code it isn’t written properly to utilize hyperthreading and higher end CPU / GPU processors. Which is why when I run it, Nvidia shows that it’s only using about 5%-15% of my CPU and 10%-20% of my GPU, yet I’m getting 5-20 FPS during big CO-OP battles, sometimes even worse.

The campaign runs fantastic, practically highest graphics settings and getting good FPS, but the CO-OP, especially the mutations have too much going on for this older CPU code to handle.

We would appreciate it greatly! If Activision, or whoever owns Blizzard now, creates a team to fix this problem, so that SC2 properly uses hyperthreading, higher-end CPUS / GPUS and we can get a smooth, buttery 60 FPS play rate on CO-OP, throughout the entire mission. There’s still a lot of people who play SC2, you can tell by how quickly you can find a match in CO-OP. It’s still the best RTS out there imho.

Once you have successfully upgraded the SC2 engine to work properly with higher end CPUs / GPUs - Start working on SC3 !!!


I know there are a lot of diablo fans out there and WoW fans, and those are good games, but they don’t represent the future. Let’s go Blizzard / Activision, or whoever you are, BUILD THE FUTURE ! STARCRAFT 3 !

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I’m actually curious what you think they would do in StarCraft III.

I don’t think Blizzard has the developers for it anymore, and Blizzard is unlikely to make such a large investment in a game that will frankly compete with Brood War and StarCraft II.

I’m also not certain what they would do with the story. StarCraft’s main storyline (the thread from the arrival of the Overmind and the Zerg to the destruction of Amon who was behind everything) has also been wrapped up, so while Blizzard could probably make campaigns for future battles between the various factions, they just won’t have the same stakes to them.

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i pretty much agree sc3 would have to be stellar . and they set the bar prdy high .

however there CO-OP team faction hold a key . but , if sc3 had 15 factions that be a hella blance night mare .

they bascily cant make an sc3 with out an ingeunius writer , who can make a story better than sc 2 , whilst using some but not too many of the same units ect .

it be to expensive for them to do and to easy to realy screw up .

personaly i have an ingeanuis plan for a very powerfull RTS , it blow sc2 away !

idk if i will ever get to build it .

and it would not have the story that sc2 dose

althouhg id try .

In order to make the game utilize all your cores, you will need to rewrite the engine. Or more simple, you need to create a new game from scratch.
There are rumors that CS:Go might get new engine, so it might be the first game, where developers tried to replicate the old game on new engine, but it would still have a bit different psychics. That work took years to make (and it is not yet released) so you can 100% forget about such an “update”.

It’s unlikely to happen because this would be a really expensive undertaking and from what I understood most of the talent on the SC2 team left Blizzard and started their own company Frost Gaint because the people in charge of blizzard wouldn’t greenlight a new starcraft game.

If you haven’t already I’d look into upgrading to a 58003dx. Apparently the massive cache on these processors have made for enormous fps gains on starcraft 2. I’m personally waiting for the 78003dx to come out which should be a nice upgrade from my 5800x.

Engine != content

You can write new engine for same old content. For example fans wrote new engine for Morrowind using original Bethesda files. And not just that, years down the line they changed renderer used.

I myself work on esm reader - not for this project - just for fun, because reading unknown binary is fun :slight_smile:

People are working on re-making TeamFortress 2 using source 2, however they re-do all the assets too.
I wish I had less stuff to do IRL… sigh…

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Reduce the hopium, ugh sure thing SC3… (this is only the 3485th time someone offered this unique idea never seen before)

Eh. There’s still plenty we could see from the 'verse. Just look at all the stories and comics and stuff that they have come up with in the past. You can look at the conflict with Niadra amd the protoss and Terran marines, you could look at abathurs betrayal of Zagara and his hidden genetic machinations designed to start a new war between all three races because of his hatred for the peaceful route Zagara chose, you could look at the conflict that involved Stetman’s mecha Zerg, or more Nova stories, or or or.

Theres plenty of material out there, just not the bodies to make it happen, because Activision loves to repeatedly shoot themselves in the face over and over again.

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I want to have Starcraft 2 renamed “Starcraft - Universe 2”, and taken out of the timeline as a true sequel of the original Starcraft would be made (not polluted by random external materials, excessive marketing concern, obsession with competitive game, and other things).

But I would not ask Activision like this topic. Let’s see how the thing with Microsoft turn out to know who should get involved and how………not that planning like that give it any (more?) chance.

yeah no more updates pretty much means Protoss sucks bawlz Zerg OP
Drone > Marine
build 8 Queens to counter Terran all in bio SCV push and win as zerg

thats not a bad idea realy

the game aint THAT broke .

i dont play the other races much , id asuume we all have a few broken units . the isssue is how to adress broken units …

its pretty bad ATM and its been bad for years
hell remeber back during WoL It was super predictible wtf was going on just unable to predict micro i kinda miss thouse days coz at least games where kinda balance if not boring and predictible
terran going to spam mmm and it only changed based on who he fought and what they did
colus vs vikings
templars vs ghosts
i cant predict the micro but i can predict how the games ‘strat’ went roflmao