Good day to all.
There was previously a problem with this achievement, when even with carrier’s, the loss of an interseptor made it impossible to achieve. It seems like it was fixed in patch 5.0.2, but the fact is that now I cannot get this achievement from the word at all. I replayed the mission 4 times without any loss of units / buildings and there is not even the slightest hint of achievement. Bug or may I have a problem? The sc2 version is the latest (
Thank you all for your attention.
Best regards, Interface.


Hey Interface,

Did you use Solar Lance , Purifier Beam or Deploy Fenix? Those will fail the achievement.

If so, try it again without those three.

Yeah, i used it as well. Thank you for advice, will try it!
Still it seems to be strange what those fail the achievement.

I came here looking for why I wasn’t given the achievement, i’m in the same boat as original poster, having done the mission an additional several times. I know i used purifier beam. it’s a bummer that that counts as a unit death when the beam expires, but it makes sense in a programming sense, because it has a unit control reticle that allows you to manually move it.

I suspect it wasn’t intended, but more of an oversight when designing the achievement. I have a feeling Bliz will recode the trigger to ignore the SoA abilities.