Achievement "monster Hunter" in LOTW 5th hybrid not spawn

In LOTW in mission Purification, there is mastery achievement “Monster Hunter” (kill 5 hybrids before 15 minutes.) I try to complete it, but no matter how i try 5th hybrid is not spawning so achievement cannot be completed. Can you look at this problem please?

Hey Arko,

There are 4 Behemoths on the map, one in each base. The 5th one spawns after the 3rd purifier force is activated.

It’s been a long time since I did this achievement, but I believe this will work:

  • Destroy 2 of the 3 null circuits in each area.
  • When your army is ready, kill the 3rd null circuit in each area at the same time to activate all three purifiers forces at the same time. (They will kill the 3 Behemoths in those bases.)
  • Take your army into the 4th base and kill the fourth and fifth Behemoths.

Just be sure to time it so that all five are dead before the 15 min mark.

Thank you for you reply,

I try to do as you say, but no way 5th Behemot will not spawn at 4th base, I try even diffirent tactics. There must be some problem why is he now spawning I find out if I clear the 4th base 1st and then release Purifiers, one grup of them stay freeze at the final location.

EDIT: Reset the campain and it works!! Thank you

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