Abathur's Roach Situation

Been Leveling Abathur up again prestige mode…

And whenever i upgrade the Spine Attack or Spit for Roaches… it upgrades fine…

But when you click on the roaches it says 1 for armor 0 for atk, and so on 2 / 0 for armor and 0 for attack

I upgraded my ground armor, and atk all the way to 3, and the Roaches say 3 armor 0 atk…

I dunno if it’s a bug, glitch, i dunno if i disabled something, but i just want the Developers to know… this is causing his units not to play very well…

My Ally saw that i had all my units upgraded to 3 / 3

But with the roaches it says 3 / 0 So i dunno what i did but i just hope they fix it…


The same bug happened to my ally. His other units had attack level 2, while the roach only had attack level 0, and its not a visual bug since it did its unupgraded damage

Edit: Apparently the issue happens with Zagara and not with some commanders, can someone confirm this.

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this gets fixed once you have the vile strain roach unlocked, right?

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hm…that’s odd, when I upgraded my attack, on lvl 12 (P3, but was using P2) mind you, it says that I have level 3 attack on my roaches, weird…and this is the same with the vile strain. Either this is fixed, or you had a wacky game/a specific thing is causing this bug.

Did you upgrade attack first, then armor–with two evo chambers?

I think what happened was, i left the game on for 24 hours… and the game just stopped functioning properly, i shut it off, re installed it, and the upgrades came back… So sorry for the late reply, It must of been an idle, and leaving the game on issue…

But ever since i did that, the game and abathur seems to work good now… so don’t leave your game on for a long time, and idle… it may cause the game to act up on you !!!

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I to had the same problem with me as Abathur P2 (essence hoarder) and ally Zagarah (cant tell what P from replay). first time ive seen it happen.