A wasted opportunity of not having more mission packs?

The “no new paid content” announcement back on Oct. 2020 continues to reverberate, but still, one could imagine none of the less…

It would’ve been nice to have 2 additional campaigns, beyond Nova. If nothing else, to mimic what we had in Sc1…
Terran campaign - Marine
Zerg campaign - Hydralisk
Protoss campaign - Zealot

… and BW…
Terran - Admiral Gerald DuGalle
Protoss - Artanis
Zerg - Infested Kerrigan

With Sc2, we have Nova for Terran. IIRC, they were pleased with its sales, but decided to stop there for whatever reasons. I guess they could’ve did another set of mission packs for Zerg and Protoss, making the # of campaigns 2 per race for Sc2

For Zerg, either Stukov or Niadra.

For Protoss, perhaps Alarak, covering Tal’Darim in more detail (perhaps going back to when they still served Amon?). Disclaimer that even though I saw some of the gameplay, and somewhat more of the cutscenes on YouTube, I have yet to finish the campaigns after WoL (I’m only halfway through HotS as of this post).


They stopped because coop missions tapped the same resources and were far more successful and popular.

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Starcraft 2 lost it’s development team.

A friend of mine says go sit on a pinecone.

Starcraft 2 has been so abandoned that stimpacks can’t even be permanently sold on the store, Activision (Blizzard) can’t afford to make more money.

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I’m aware that Sc2 team left (they’re now at Frost Giant, and reportedly working on some snazzy new RTS), but the premise of the thread goes despite that fact.

Actiblizz cant understand why u would make anything for a 10 year old game, really it doesnt fit in their head. They are blind, they cant see that having an old and dedicated fan base is incredible valuable for ur brand, specially because this old people would buy lots of merc if they would be treated how they are supposed to, like Star Wars fans of the first triology. If I were them I would keep bringing new content all for free and switch the market model to all sorts of merc, removing all microtransactions from the game.

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That’s not the only opportunity that was wasted. Commanders, maps, warchests…

True, but we already have other threads discussing these. And It is related, as Nova from Coop ended up drawing material from her campaign.

I guess “in a happier time”, we could’ve had Niadra mission packs and her CO in Coop. Alarak is already a CO in Coop, whereas Selendis was already in the LotV campaign, so I’m not sure who we could’ve gotten on the Protoss side that was both not already in a campaign.

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I would easily pay for mission packs with Tychus Findlay. I could see a min-prequel to the Terran campaign where Tychus first gets out and is hunting down Raynor’s location. His character is so hilarious to listen to.