A Simple Terran Idea

I’m an indie game dev pushing 40yo. Here is my simple idea. On your OC you would have your scan and two abilities: “SCV Drop” and “Marine Drop”. Both available in the OC vision. Both drop four units. What’s wrong with this? Isn’t this OBVIOUS? You go for economy or for attack. WHY isn’t it done in this way?

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Free units aren’t suitable for this RTS game (according to certain people). Even if it costs energy, unless it costs some money? Also, no need for SCV drop when you have Mule drop, which is way better.


Money, or the fact it implies to be free?
I actually have an idea in regards to drop pod stuff; a third building add-on, or maybe a support structure, where units can be stored until you need to drop them. In regards to the building add-on, I understand it would be tricky as it would preclude Tech Lab stuff…

Ever watch tournaments and see how many scans Terran push out.

Now imagine they were marine drops.

This would be insanely op even if you put 250 minerals for four marines.