A Grounded Approach Achievement for Amon's Fall Mission

Anyone else having issues with this achievement?
I cleared it 4 times, the final time building only hatcheries, assimilators, creep tumors, drones and roaches but I still didn’t get this achievement.

Didn’t have any issues on 5.0.0. Did you start building a Spire and then cancel or finish building a Spire?

I only made drones, queens, overlords, hydras and ultralisks in this mission while spreading creep tumours.

nope. I’ve cleared it 5 times on normal, each time making less units. just restarted the entire mission and cleared it on hard using just roaches and hydras too, still no juice.

I just cleared it again. On normal. built NOTHING, just used ONLY kerrigan and spread creep. still not given the achievement. WTF???

Are you A: connected to the servers and B: not using a save where you used cheat codes (which disable achievements when used)?

Similarly, are you starting a new mission from the Master Archives? If you load a save from before the current version (5.0.2), then your achievements will not show up.

Just to echo what others have said.
You can’t use a saved game from a previous version, or have used a saved game that used cheats prior in the mission or even prior in the campaign.

I looked at the achievement trigger in the editor. It’s fairly simple so there’s not a lot of room for bugs. It simply watches for all newly constructed buildings by the Player and checks to see if it is a Spire. If so, it instructs the game not award the achievement.

Restarting the entire campaign worked, so I’m guessing it’s cause I used a cheat to see the locations of the pickups in the 2nd mission, then restarted that mission without the cheat to obtain the achievement. HOWEVER, if this is the reason why the game refused to give me the achievement for the 3rd mission, why was I given the achievement for the second mission? Weird stuff. Anyway thanks for all your helpful replies and suggestions!

Bruh this game’s been out for 10 years, 5 years for lotv - you really needed a cheat to figure out where pickups are in the 2nd mission? smh

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That comment was new. And was justified through your reaction.

and my comment was new. And justified through your reaction.

This has been a foregone conclusion for years, especially when it became clear that all SC2 story content was officially done after NCO, but it’s still kinda sad when it finally happens. After being on life-support for ages, this place is finally dead.