8 minute Protoss push?

So in one game i got pushed 3 base all in. I was macroing, albeit a bit bad coz i was tilted. But then it was like 25 stalkers 5 immortals and about 10 zealots.

Seemed like way to much. He got it before i had my round of hydras. I mustve had a few zerglings, some ravagers and roaches. And about 20 hydras were comming. But the push to me seemed way too strong for how early it was.

Protoss here… yes pretty much if we 3 base we go push… thats why you need to harass us with lings and stuff

I Never see Serral harassing that much, but somehow this Protoss had way more than i was expecting.

I may need to rewatch replay to see weak points. …

really depends on players playstyle tho… maybe the protoss you played against always watch partings video thats why he is agressive… theres a 3 base all in strat for protoss btw :smiley: