5.0.3 Anniversary Achievements Updates

With just a cursory look at the bugged anniversary achievements, so far it appears that in 5.0.3:

Expert Phase-Smith, Perfect Templar

  • Solar Lance, Deploy Fenix and Purifier Beam will no longer fail the achievement.

You must defend additional pylons

  • Losing structures during the end-game cinematic will no longer fail the achievement.

Big Spear Diplomacy

  • Using Reconstruction Beam will no longer fail the achievement.

Disintegration Doctrine

  • The achievement triggers have been altered, but in a way that’s a little beyond my editor knowledge. But, hopefully the recoding will award the achievement more consistently and without the need to additionally kill something else after Narud is defeated. However, it’s not apparent if Raven Auto Turrets are counted or not in awarding the achievement. (They are technically classified as structures.)


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Patch notes are up!

The achievement, “One Shot, One Opportunity”, on the “Flashpoint” mission can no longer be completed by nuking your own units.

Ooh boy. Let’s hope Blizzard never notices what I did on that mission. I don’t wanna be tried for “crimes against terranity”. I was totally role-playing as Mengsk and I figured every soldier is expendable for the greater cause!! (completing achievements)

You can’t lose achievements so that’s the good part.

Like I got 1v2 insane (along with all the vs AI achievements) really really long ago. That was when it was a lot easier than how it is right now (though it’s relatively easy still right now heh heh).

Fix: The order of activating the power cells !

Only works if you start with the top right power cell.

If you go around from the bottom to the right and try to finish at the top power cell it will not work. You finish the mission without the achievement.

I tried many times, until i switched power cell activation order…

I’ve run through it several times doing the power cells in different orders and I’ve gotten the achievement each time. Something to keep in mind is that cancelling a warping building counts as a lost structure.