2v2 MMR Still bugged

Please fix the MMR ranges in 2v2 to fit the other team game types.

4.4K should be T1 master, to promote a healthy team ladder.


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its not only 2v2 its all leagues. This has happened for two years now. Ladder is completely bugged and no one around to fix it. This game is abandoned.

HOW IS THIS BUG STILL NOT FIXED?? I am playing 2v2 at around 3.9k MMR and I passed the threshhold for league promotion to M3 since 100 MMR. Why the hell didnt the MMR-Ranges still not be updated? What is going on at Blizzard? How hard is it to fix the MMR Ranges. This is so depressing and actually makes me quit the game. Can developers (if there are any left for SC2…) maybe say something about this? The problem has been going on for SO long now. This is such a huge disrespect coming from Blizzard regarding all active players. They just dont seem to care at all. This is a rather small Bug fix and they just dont take the time to ad just it. So sad seeing Blizzard going down like this. RIP

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Because the season is currently locked. You can read it, if you press on current season. You will only be able to be promoted next season, which starts at 19th July.

P.s. the guys above are talking about totally different issue.

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