2v2 experience with zerg

I feel bad for the zergs that play 2v2 i really do. I wish the zergs had a bit more to offer against the various cheeses, and playstyles that happen in 2v2, a economy boost or something would be only fair. If you are a zerg player reading this, what do you think of playing versus terran protoss or terran terran? Isnt it very difficult versus skytoss mech, or battlecruiser mech. Even when i watch a top 5 pro player like protech or beastyqt they seem to have the same idea that playing as a zerg is tricky in 2v2 even for the best players. The zergs ground units roacher and hydralisk seems to not be cut for the job Vipers can disable mech units that is right, but you have to understand that there are thors and airtoss at play, and even if there arent it is very hard to micro so you have enough units versus mech. Now the point of this thread is to perhaps, though very unlikely make somebody at blizzard tweek the 2v2 mechanics a little for example add a new zerg unit only in 2v2 or change the economy but only in 2v2 or something along those lines. Maybe if you have some ideas, what would you change in 2v2 so that zerg has an easier time?

In terms of 2v2, Terran is definitely the strongest race, and P/T appears to be the strongest combination. Honestly, this speaks miles about 1v1 balance IMO, but let’s not talk about that here. I would say the main reason why Zerg tends to be the weakest is due to how some of the 2v2 maps are poorly designed.

First example: Efflorescence. The map where you start off separate from your ally, and your third is stupid far away. This map pretty much screws over Zerg as Zerg is reliant on having a third, but that third is going to be ridiculously hard to defend considering the route ground units have to take to go between the main and third. Terrible map.

Second example, Heavy Artillery. The map with the safe back expo. Also another terrible map. For similar reasons, everything after the first 5 bases is really hard to defend. There are also so many cheese/rush options on this map. If Zerg wants to rush, they need to go up that tiny main ramp to deal decisive damage, but that ramp is super easy to defend.

However, Zerg is not as weak as you make it out to be. The main issue with Zerg is that it’s hard to synergize with your ally, and you can’t make any air units in the early game. You have to play to counter, not play with a direct strategy in mind. When Protoss goes phoenix for example, you can’t defend your ally. The only thing you can do is defend yourself. Another example is facing 2 Terrans - if they both open reaper, your ally has to defend it alone.

But when Zerg builds towards the counter, I must say, they can certainly be the strongest in a game. Corruptors counter phoenixes and skytoss in general. Ling bane counters bio. Ling floods deny expansions. Lurkers, roach ravager, nydus worms. Zerg has its own set of strengths that people tend to be unable to figure out in team games.

IMO Zerg is the hardest race to play in 2v2. You can’t go in every game and be like “I’m doing ravager ling bane.” You need to watch what your opponent is doing and work with your ally to counter them. Meanwhile, a race combination like P/T can ALWAYS be like “okay you mech I air.” It takes more effort to outplay your opponent as Zerg because you are trying to work against 2 people. You can’t reliably counter 1 person either unless you trust your ally to counter 1 person on their team.

So to answer your question, how to balance 2v2? The answer is simple: maps. Balance is centered on 1v1, but doing something like giving Zerg an extra 50 minerals at the start is really silly. Trying to add a unit would only add confusing to the game overall, and making any change in one game mode specifically is just not good practice IMO.

Maps designed like Emerald City are probably the golden standard of how a 2v2 map should be. Close to your ally, but not close enough to make a mess in terms of creep. Third expansions close by, greedy gold base option exists, reasonable air space, choke points, open spaces. I know all maps shouldn’t be the same, but when you end up with garbage like Efflorescence or Heavy Artillery, you would rather they be the same than that.

In the past, there have been some AWFUL 2v2 maps. Absolutely broken. No exaggeration to say it killed 2v2. In recent times, maps have gotten much better though. Some maps could be swapped out though, and some maps should stay. This is the solution for making things easier for Zerg. Make better maps so we don’t have to deal with crap like Efflorescence.