2 robo proxy is underrated in PvP

If you are a protoss player and havent tried this build before give it a shot. I originaly saw it from beastyqt vs Maxpax where maxpax did this build, and decided to copy it and give it a go. Lets just say that it worked against most things the enemy tried, and won always versus fast base or 1 gateway. It is only really bad versus voidray, but if you micro properly you can do damage and get stalkers and get back into the game even then. It does require you to stutter step, but i swear the god you can beat a diamond player as a silver with this. So here goes the build, build 1 gateway cybercore as usuall. the 2nd pylon is proxied close to the enemy base. Dont make anything from gateway when cyber finishes. Place down 2 robos, and make 2 immortals, and go kill your opponent. I would even use the build in 2v2, if the enemies are protoss protoss or terran protoss.
Would be interesting too hear your opinion after you tried it on the ladder for yourself.

You kind of said the main reason why this build doesn’t work. If someone opens stargate, you just lose. Voidray, oracle, phoenix. Voidray speaks for itself. Phoenix is a 150/100 2 supply unit lifting up a 4 supply 275/100 unit. Definitely not good for the immortal. The oracle can either go across the map or stasis trap your immortal. How will you defend yourself then?

A robo opener also works fair against 2 robo because even though you produce 2 immortals at a time, they can produce 1 immortal and gateway units. Zealots, sentries, and adepts are actually decent at tanking immortal shots because they are not armored. Also keep in mind they have the home advantage, so they will have an easier time setting up shield batteries, and shield battery overcharge exists.

This leaves you with beating twilight council openers. However, if they do a proper scout on you, they shouldn’t open twilight council. It’s not a favorable opener against cheeses because the research takes longer than producing your first immortal or stargate unit.

So yeah, that’s why no one really does 2 robo proxy anymore… Sure it works at a low level, but a lot of things work at the low level.

“Opp builds a stargate”

The opp: Im about to end this mans whole life.