10 minute colossus archon push is better than anything T has

And is also lower risk while having the combined benefits of bio and mech and being easier to micro than both.

If a toss or zerg isn’t invulnerable despite their babysitting mechanics (shield batteries, queens etc.) for the first 10 mins then they are just awful. Pushes against protoss are less than a joke.

Meanwhile terran can barely survive at any point in the game, and is also forced to deal damage to survive while every harass tool is easily stomped by any abusive player. The only exception being a hellion drop which won’t end the game.

Protoss removes all the RTS elements from the game and reduces it to “I a-move so my deathball just crushes everything with no strategy, good macro or micro, so if I just get to that army I auto win while effortlessly dismissing my opponent’s bio or ling bane hydra.”

It’s the same in brood war and it was the same for years on end in SC2. If your opponent got to 200/200 with carriers then you weren’t playing a game you were just going up against an unbeatable giant who was cheating you out of the game in every way imaginable while also being worse than you in every way imaginable.

Terran has no tools to beat a defensive macro protoss (or an abusive cheesing toss 90% of the time) or macro zerg.

Terran is massively rigged because if whiny newbs like you, as a result the game has been entirely ruined, great job.
I mean ffs I play Terran right now, collassas and archon are like target practice, witgdf…