Zass17 - Rendering Device Lost


i had 436.15 and it still crashes my game!

"Render Device Lost" Fix for RTX
RENDERING DEVICE LOST and it's getting worse!

Hey, zass17! I moved you over to a new thread since the thread was for RTX cards.

It looks like the system has a Nvidia GTX 980M, and the temperatures are a bit high (74 to 87C) which may cause throttling resulting in the Rendering Device lost error. Could you provide HWMonitor screenshots? Use a free image sharing site like imgur, and place the link between two ` (The ~ key) like so:

`Link Here`


Thanks for your reply.
Re: temperatures
I played the game since launched. And the temperature was this high ever since. Only from 2018, the rendering device things occurred (only for Overwatch)

re: HWmonitor
is it that you want the screen shot when the game breaks or when Overwatch is running. this is how it looks when the game is running

thanks for your help!


Since the image confirms you’re at 85-87C, you’ll probably want to try a cooling pad/cleanout of your laptop. It’s likely going above this temp when you start experiencing issues. As it nears the max temp of 98C for the 980M, it will start to throttling performance/shut down the GPU like Caterpepi mentioned above. Also, make sure your laptop is set to high performance on your battery setting (may require being plugged in), and also set to high performance for Overwatch.exe in the nVidia control panel.


thanks, let me give it a try