You're not helping Symmetra

it was part of the problem. The less time charging at level 1, the better.


No her charge rate was a problem and I’m glad they buffed it, but her teleporter needs to be looked at next because if they can fix her teleporter it may help with survivability. Or they could just give her 50 more shield


ill take any buff i can get but 20% charge time aint gunna do much.

shes still a sitting duck in a 1v1 against another dps unless she has 2 or more turrets up.

She has no mobility or survivability mechanics in a fight.

TP still takes way 2 long to set up

TP still places in stupid positions it should spawn directly at her feet every time

TP still destroys itself if its 2 close to something wall/payload

TP range is JUST SHORT of so many places like the first point blizzard world coming through the choke its just short of bypassing enemy sights and getting to the high ground from a safe distance.


What are your thoughts on torb?

Honestly didn’t read the post, but:

Faster charging time = Faster to reach max damage = Faster to kill target = Less chance for target to kill you = Better survivability?


If you’d read any of the posts about this instead of knee-jerk flaming Sym mains collectively, you’d have read this from Blizzard:

Please explain to us how that is a buff.


Her tick rate doing faster is a really nice buff… but how do you plan to reach your targets on the first place?

I mean, the “nerf” literally had a difference of .17 seconds to kill 200 armour health. (Like c’mon it was in the post you quoted)

Now, place the new 20% charge buff on top of that, and what do you get?

I haven’t done the math, but I’m willing to bet that 20% will account for that .17 seconds and more. Hence, she’s been buffed.

By standing behind your team’s (Or your own) shield, staying with your healers, waiting for a pick and then pushing in, teleporting in and then out again etc. etc.

It’s really not as hard as you think.


The Sym community has to be the least toxic group of mains in the entire game. There’s a reason she has the most active sub out of all the heroes.

The only toxicity in this thread has been introduced by YOU. And if you’re not interested in participating in the conversation like an adult, then don’t read the thread.


Not a single Symmetra player wanted those turrets to be turned into DPS tools. I still don’t want that. I want them to go back to utility support. Slows and tracking, no more than that.

It is -a- problem. But it’s, what, number 46 on the list of ‘issues that make Symm 3.0 absolute trash’?

The charge rate needs to go all the way down to less than a second if they want to balance her better, because her M1 DPS at charge 3 is still garbage compared to other range-restricted weapons like shotguns or Tracer’s pistols. And those can headshot, and don’t have any wind-up.

ON TOP of her being by far the squishiest hero to be oriented towards close combat, now that all her personal survivability was stripped off.

See, other heroes go out and do something, instead of waiting for an enemy to surrender.


I mean, if you’re good then Symmetra can definitely get picks.

If you’re good, that is.

Thanks for that lesson based on your 6 whole hours on Sym. You probably know better than players with multiple hundreds of hours on her since Sym 1.0.

Why is it always people who don’t even play a hero that have the most to say?


Oh yeah, she can get picks.

Just less than half as many as any other DPS, against a competent enemy team.

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I mainly play arcade, but nice profile shaming.

My opinions are also mostly based on a combination of watching other people play Symmetra, and sheer logic. :slight_smile:

Also, you conveniently forgot to reply to my argument against your flawed logic.


If you don’t play her, don’t speak up and tell others how to play her. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

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I’m honestly happy Sym is getting something. This is the first time ever that a PTR has been updated while it was up with actual buffs and nerfs based on general feedback (Sym needs buffs, Junkrat needs buffs, Reaper needs a nerf). It’s very promising; now they only need to learn to take the actual feedback of people and not just introduce general buffs (though I guess it will still help).

This is what I wanted since Overwatch launched. Maybe they’ll actually learn now to slowly start taking community feedback somewhat seriously, and quickly at that! Would make me happy.

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I do play her, thank you very much. I enjoy playing her a lot.

And don’t tell me what to do. How about attacking my actual argument, rather than my qualifications to make such arguments? Like, even if I hadn’t played the game once that doesn’t make my argument wrong. That’s just a sheer logical fallacy.

Maybe I should just make my profile private so I can actually have discussions here, yeesh.


You’re not -making- arguments. You’re simply talking about situations in which Symmetra -may- be able to function decently, which you wouldn’t know if you never played her.

You never put forth any argument as to why or how Symmetra is balanced. You simply say that ‘you can get picks’.

Yeah, every hero can. Doesn’t mean blaster-wielding Mercy is a DPS equivalent to S76 or Tracer.

EDIT: Also, if you DO play her, why aren’t you basing your statements off of your OWN experiences, instead of what you see of others playing her and ‘sheer logic!’?

I am making arguments, actually, to the same degree as the person I was originally replying to.

I have played her, she’s one of my most played heroes in fact. Guess that means I do know what I’m talking about, right?

Who said I was arguing whether or not she is balanced? Not me, go read my posts properly.

I am. It’s a logical combination of different sources, to avoid bias obviously.

Also, I’d like to point out that your profile is private, so currently (Following your logic) you are just as qualified to talk about this as I supposedly am.


Symmetra is a F tier hero since the existence of this game. At this point I doubt this will ever change after 3+ years. She definitely needs a buff, her weapon reworked and given more survivability.

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