Your rendering device has ran out of memory

i dont know why but since the new season my overwatch has been full of problems. and now this. for some reason when i play its always kicking me off the game and keeps telling me that my device has ran out of memory (which is not) i play lots of games whether its mmo, fps, or survival. never had any issues on those games but on overwatch it always tells me that im running out of memory, this only happened to me this season since the start of overwatch 2 any solutions for this? (i have 16gb of ram) and like what i said, never had any problems on games like ark, valorant, warframe, black desert, rainbow six and many more. this is only happening on overwatch

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Hey there,

Running out of memory can have a number of potential causes and it could be either system memory, video memory or even virtual memory/page file related. Without any of the information listed here, it can be tough to try and narrow down so I will offer some basics.

Make sure Windows is up to date. Manually check for updates. Then make sure you have the latest video drivers for your GPU(s) from the hardware maker.

You can also try closing out any web browsers you are using or going in and disabling hardware acceleration if it is turned on. (You can do the same for the Blizzard Desktop Application as well. See if that makes a difference.

You can also reduce the number of running programs on the system and see if that changes the issue at all.

i found the problem, overwatch is using 100% of my CPU (just overwatch alone), i tried monitoring it during in game and saw that my cpu usage was at 92% to 98%. sometimes it goes back to normal at 7% to 24% but it also goes back again to 100% cpu usage within one game. its like fluctuating it goes high and low, im still looking if the problem occurs but as of writing this now im still at low CPU usage. (i dont know if this is a solution but i need to restart overwatch everytime because on the first launch that’s when the 100% CPU usage happens but on the second launch it goes back to normal)

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