“Your rendering device has been lost”

I know for a fact that my graphics card drivers are fully updated so the fact that I keep getting this message with fear that I might end up accidentally leave a match before it starts and lose 50-100 SR is super alarming.

Dear Blizzard Technical Support,
Help me. I have an Aorus 2080 Ti and an Intel core i9 9900k.

If you need to, direct me to some link for specific drivers that I need to update since i only updated what is on the Aorus website.

Thank you!

Even though I am more than confident my GPU drivers are updated, feel free to still forward a link to me for an Aorus GPU driver that I can quadruple check and see if I actually updated.

I’m just super desperate lol

Hey, Xemnas! We have a thread for RTX cards, here.

The latest 436.15 drivers for Nvidia should help. This is only for situations where the OverwatchTest workaround resolves the issue. Otherwise, we’ll want to explore for other issues with the Rendering Device Lost error.