Your perfect balance changes

Symmetra doesn’t need nerfs.

and Moira needs Fade to be 5 seconds opposed to 6 seconds.

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  1. Mercy: HPS restored to 60. Chain healing during Valkyrie halved. E ability replaced with a missable skillshot which weakens an enemy by 33% for 6 seconds on a 12-second cooldown. Rez reworked to activate on Q during Valkyrie with an 8-second cooldown, meaning one guaranteed rez and a second potential rez during the second half of Valkyrie.
  2. Brigitte. Shield Bash returned to a 5-second cooldown and no longer stuns. Instead, it places the target into a daze for 1.5 seconds, reducing movement speed to 50% of normal and deactivating movement abilities (the same ones as during Graviton).
  3. Ana. Healing debuff from Biotic Grenade changed from 0 healing to -50% healing. Sleep dart cooldown cut by 6 seconds (half of base CD) when the dart impacts on a surface other than an enemy (misses). Pre-healing returned to her non-scoped shots. On reload, she heals for 2 HP per unused syringe and can reload while at full ammo.
  1. Symmetra
  • Photon Shields return (25 shields that regen after 1 second of not taking damage
  • Moved back to support
  1. Mercy
  • When using Valkyrie, the initial target from her beam receives 75 hps while the chain beams provide 50hps
  • Primary heal now heals for 55hps
  1. Brigette
  • Shield Bash stun duration reduced to .5 seconds
  • Shield Bash now disables all movement abilities for 5 seconds.

How about keeping her balanced and not OP.

That’s fair. Might help her out a bit


Here’s my perfect balance changes for 3 heroes, as explained way more eloquently than I ever could (credit to Titanium, Terranguard, and Burchase for their respective posts):

  1. Mercy
  1. Bastion
  1. Sombra

If only… :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.


How to kill healers 101.


btw they already reverted the detection radius but that’s all that’s bothering me there.



  • All non-QoL changes past February reverted completely.

  • Hack cast time nerfed back to 0.8 seconds.

  • Sugar skull over hacked enemies.

  • Base movement speed increased to 6 m/s.

  • Possible tweaks to delays and/or reload time.


  • Rework reverted and Resurrect returning to ultimate status.

  • Resurrect invulnerability reverted.

  • LoS and cast-time tweaks added to Resurrect.

  • Healing nerf reverted.

  • The current buffed GA stays.

I’m having trouble thinking of any others right now that wouldn’t be pure buffs or nerfs.


Found the support hater


I’m not sure those Sombra changes are that good. She can already cancel her reload and the 4 meter detection radius never made it of the PTR. It’s really more of a nerf than a buff.

That’s fine, you’re totally entitled to your opinion. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

Honestly, I like new Sombra. These changes would probably be balanced, but infinite stealth/translocator feels so fluid I don’t know if I could go back


Wait, do you want Sombra buffed or nerfed?

Neither. I want her to be viable, engaging, fun, and balanced.

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

Even the infinite timer on abilities? Personally the only changes I think she needs is to be able to gain ult charge from health packs again and revert the cooldown and cast time changes to Hack.

Junkrat: grenades enbiggened to 0.4, each bounce shrinks them by 0.1. Grenades that detonate without hitting a target have the same splash radius as the 0.4. After bouncing, grenades can only do splash damage to players except Bastion in his turret form (shields and buildings will always take full direct hit damage as well. Base hp brought down to 150. Double mines mechanic added to steel trap. Mine now does 90 damage at the edge of its splash radius.

Hopefully, these changes will make Junkrat riskier but more versatile and raise his skill ceiling.

Moira: Nerfed the max capacity of the resource meter by 10%. Damage orb now increases ultimate charge at a 200% rate and refills the resource meter.

These changes are to help make damage orb worth the opportunity cost of putting healing orb on cooldown and to make managing the meter take more skill without making Moira less effective.

Mercy: Valkyrie now loses the chain beam mechanic and has its duration nerfed to 7 seconds. Now increases healing output to 75 per second and damage boost to 50%. Ult cost increased by 250.

These changes are meant to give Valkyrie more immediate and tangible impact.

Understandable. :slight_smile:

Overall I really enjoyed reading your solution for him. I feel It’s time for the devs to stop ignoring Bastion and actually work on making him a viable pick again. It’s been way too long, honestly. :blush:

~Sincerely Yours xoxo,
a Lover of True, Fair, and Fun Balance.

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Sombra: Sugar Skulls on hacked targets.

Bastion: would also allow him to go into “Tread,” mode. While in “Tread,” mode he cannot attack, however his ironclad is increased and he can self heal. He creates a mini version of himself, and climbs up walls.

This way he can make himself smaller/harder to spot/hit and get to places that he currently can’t reach without a Mei.

Symmetra: Decrease damage from turrets, buff her primary range to 15m, make the charge up time faster

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Hanzo: Reduce projectile speed by %15.

Bastion: Can deal headshots again.

Sombra: remove 2 second CD when hack is cancelled. Hell just revert the whole rework it made her super easy to play.

Roadhog: Hook cooldown reduced to 6 seconds.

Orisa: Can deploy a shield while reloading.

Symmetra: Restore primary fire to 2.0 state.

Torbjorn: Unlimited ammo while using Molten Core

Wrecking Ball: Minefield no longer sticks to walls and ceilings. Grapple more consistent attaching to payload

Reaper: Shadowstep reworked to have a different animation and faster casting time (think his highlight intro when he sinks into the ground)

I have more but that’s all I can think of right now.