Your impact is too small. OW too team reliant

Tanks and supports never were designed to compensate for bad teammate, unfortunately. I can’t just equip teammate, that happened to be poor at avoiding damage, with heavy armor to make that flaw not relevant.

I’m calling for a complete redesign though. There is seriously something wrong with OW.

Edit: I’ve never played a game in my entire life that made me feel so completely useless. Like, you really can’t do anything. There is REALLY something wrong with this game.

Roadhog was designed to compensate for bad teammates.

At the cost of his role duties, mostly.

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Show me a roadhog one trick, going bronze to gm, with no voice com, using an account that has been bronze for 2 years. The MMR has to be bronze for 1-2 years. No new account with no mmr. It doesn’t exist lol. Show me.

I never said Hog was a good bronze to GM character. I just mean if you are on tank, and your healers and dps suck, he is the perfect choice.

You literally can’t do anything lol. A gm should make a bronze to GM account right now, hog only, no voice com, with an account that has been bronze for 1-2 years. Show me. I’ve never seen it

Edit: I challenge you right now, make a bronze to gm account, any gm player. No voice com, with an account that has been bronze-silver for 1-2 years. Show us how it’s done. Roadhog only

Edit x2: I have never seen a bronze to gm ever, with any hero, no voice com, using an account that has been bronze for 1-2 years. In fact i’ve heard gm players have found it almost impossible to get to gm using a bronze account that has bronze mmr for years.

If you don’t like teamwork in overwatch, then play the FFA modes.

Too reliant because it relies on teamwork to any extent that matters.

In valorant you can mostly ignore the teamwork aspect and just treat everything as a series of 1 vs 1 encounters. The only significance of the teams is half the players on the team you’re neutral with so the 1 vs 1 isn’t too high a rate so unlike an FFA mode.

I don’t expect you to understand it, but I’ll try to describe my own “perfect teamwork” scenario:

  1. Teammates are working towards same goal, but in different ways.

We do not bet everything on one strategy, so someone flanks, and someone tries head on attack. Up to players, which have different ideas on how to do things.

  1. Supports actually do compensate teammate’s flaws.

That’s me and second support. Teammate isn’t good at avoiding damage? Have some extra health on top of your existing one. Inaccurate aim? Have aim assist, and so on. No “no matter what I do, teammates die” kind of situation.

  1. Everyone has backup. If I die, second support can carry on without great difficulty; same for DPS and tanks. Team can function, even if only 50% of players are contributing at all.

  2. Balance between offense and defense. I am defensive player to the core, and not fit for aggression. So my preferred way to attack is gradual advancing - not going “all in” and risking to come out short. Code: advance, secure, proceed.

  3. Less “forced risk” situations. Unless you are tank or being supported at the moment, you shouldn’t have to put yourself under fire willingly, other than as result of your own bad choices. No forced weaknesses either, especially mobility-related ones.

With his hands tied behind his back!

And in the snow! BAREFEET!

The issue isn’t working as a team. The issue is the lack of room for any independence unless you’re a DPS with a really good ult like Hanzo.

Nobody wants to admit it, but everyone enjoys getting kills. It feels good. You feel like your chosen role doesn’t strictly define how you play.

I’m in no way suggesting that every hero should have carry potential, as that would be absurd. You want to emphasise teamwork without heavily punishing independence.

I won’t admit it, because I do not enjoy it. Which is why I love automatic turrets or buffing teammates, so they get kills instead.


It’s a generalization. It’s not specifically targeted towards literally everyone. Can’t exactly say most or some without an exact figure.

Thing is, people that enjoy killing usually pick DPS. It’s basically your job description - kill stuff, deal damage.

Obviously I can’t speak for everyone, but having to kill as support makes me annoyed - I picked role, that isn’t centered around killing, yet still have to do it, on top of role-specific activities. It feels like having to do two jobs for the price of one.

Guess DPS players, that for whatever reason ended up as support, have same feeling in reverse - they got gun, they want to shoot enemies, like they used to and enjoy to…and then they hear “I need healing!” from someone on their team.

So, please, can we have each role carrying in their own way?

“It’s a team game herp” What a piss poor excuse for laziness on the part of the developers. If I wanted to gamble, I’d rather go to Vegas and maybe win some money, not screw around with loud idiots I have to mute, who keep feeding ult charges to the enemy team on the off chance that I might win a game where my skill barely contributes to the outcome.


I get a lot of enjoyment out of healing and supporting my team, and while it’s at the top of my priorities, I want to do more than just heal and wait for there to be someone to heal. It’s the main reason I chose Brig as my main prior to her rework.

I get no enjoyment whatsoever out of being an easy target for DPS. I also get no enjoyment out of doing nothing.

The support role, as I understand it, is centered around healing and supportive abilities. Naturally, damage is not a support’s forté; healing is. That being said, I understand that your tanks and DPS cannot always be there to protect you. That’s why I feel it’s important to have at least some room for individual play. Not enough for it to be carry potential, but enough that you can defend yourself if need be without being basically insta-killed the moment you’re away from your tanks.

The DPS Role, as per my understanding, is to actively pursue kills and deal damage. An oversimplification, I’m sure.

I am ok with being easy target for DPS, because I evade them. And you can’t really do nothing, since teammates always take or deal damage, so you always patch them up or buff their damage.

What I want, is each role being carry in their own way. For DPS, of course, it’s multikills. But for tanks, it should be effective shielding for their team, or other role-specific way, and for supports - similar “buff your teammates properly, and you succeed”. Not “do absolutely everything, and then, maybe, you will carry your team to victory”.

Alas that has not been my experience on console. Teamwork is a very foreign concept to console players. Every time I see a video from PC, I see organized teams. I see the entire team working together to capture a point or push the payload.

On console, the DPS are off throwing themselves at the enemy frontline, whilst one of the tanks is just somewhere while the second healer ignores the first healer and the tanks and only heals the dps who are throwing themselves at the enemy frontline. It gets quite frustrating.

Same on PC, actually. Except high tiers.


This is exceptionally true. High ranks, although managing to have amazing mechanical skill, still struggle to kill at their own rank. Carrying hard exists in Masters+. To the OP, I don’t know what rank you are, but solo impact is there in higher ranks.