You have got to be kidding me

They might have one in the shop down the line for the low low price of $22!

We’ll have to see, but they definitely should have started with a D.Va bunny themed legendary.

Like I said in a few other threads, they just don’t care anymore.

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Who cares it would cost you $20 to even get it.

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Blizzard thought about whether or not we would want a rabbit-based skin for Dva. They must have decided we did want one, so they didn’t do it.


Blizzard intern didn’t Google Chinese new year.

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it’s like when a bunch of people tell certain specific streamers to play certain games and now they won’t out of spite

this feels like it’s probably an out of spite thing

They missed the time where they should give Junkrat a LNY skin during the Year of the Rat.

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It’s not even that we ask them for things, it’s that they know we would like it. That’s it.

The Korean gaming market has been big for decades. Remember people running into kids from PC bangs in Diablo 2 on us servers (cuz the Asian servers were terrible)? Blizzard has had a toehold in that market for a long time, but their games (and honestly most games from us studios) didn’t feature Chinese Lunar New Year events, to the extent that games back then had holiday events at all.

I think the first game I saw with a LNY event was Maple Story. That wasn’t a coincidence.

Once the Chinese market started coming into the fore, publishers started falling all over themselves to offer content that appeals to that market. By the early 2010s, nearly everyone was doing it.

That means that blizzard was heavily vested in South Korea for over two decades before they (and the rest of the US gaming industry) saw fit to include LNY events.

The whole point of LNY events is to appeal to the Chinese market. American game studios are largely-unconcerned with other countries celebrating the same holiday.

None of what you just said is any argument or excuse for not giving D.Va a rabbit skin in the year of the rabbit when it’s her symbol.

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Learn to read. It’s not an excuse. It’s the opposite.

Blizzard is doing what their MBAs think will make them think most money.

It’s like how Roadhog didn’t get anything during the year of the pig or Junkrat not getting anything during the year of the rat.


And Koreans don’t give much meaning to things like “year of (animal)” even if it’s lunar new year, and they don’t care.

Why do you want another dva skin, they already gave him one for a pass, for Christmas and now this is already worse than genji, if they don’t give him all good skins, everyone cries

OW2 is not playable in China… so the market size in China is ZERO.



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i think blizzard just got too lazy to make anything new so they used last years idea for the skin… xD

I think the devs have to take an iq test and they only get hired if they are under 100 lol

I would love that so much and since the one thing they still update is the shop, I would not rule it out entirely.

And then it will be 2300 coins, aka. 2.3x Battlepasses, thank you very much :face_vomiting:


They can’t be unless their MBAs are idiots because having a skin to sell on a popular hero will make you more money than not having a skin to sell. So many people would have bought this.

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There better be one for Easter