You gotta feel for mercy players

People were angry when they reworked her. Let’s be gangsta here, Blizzard doesn’t care.

whether it’s counterable or not doesn’t matter. Listen, You don’t need to convince me. I want people to have more fun. I don’t really care because I know I can outplay those things.

My point was that mass Rez is a bad solution because look at this thread, and look what it devolves into. So your solution can’t be to make the people who disagree with you angry, when you can make both sides happier by doing some other change.

I’m just helping them from sinking into a pit of pointless conversation with a person who ignores all debate and points, but their own narrative. It’s a waste of time and the person I did reply to, who wasn’t you btw, deserves better.

Not an argument, but enjoy living in your own bias bubble.

I can’t ignore points if they/you don’t make any. :woman_shrugging: Not that I’ve ignored any to begin with, I’ve addressed all of them.

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Would this change be any good?

Tbh this conversation with Kailan is probably the most worthwhile conversation I’ve had in months. Maybe they will convince me to abandon my position. I can only hope so.

They at least approach this in a way that isn’t just recycled talking points and such that most of the Mercy conversation has boiled down to at this point.

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Join the dark side!

Conversations tend to stagnate when you choose to ignore all of someone’s points instead of actually trying to refute them. :woman_shrugging:


Dunno who you’re referring to with that. It’s certainly not me.

It absolutely is you. You still have yet to respond to any of my points.

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I played Mercy when she was the best option as a healer when she wasn’t picked yet. Moira came and was a good alternative as a main healer although Mercy was still the most reliable pick on more scenarios. All this while Ana was in sh1t tier due to being overshadowed by Mercy/Moira. Now Ana is a much better place along with Lucio, while Mercy and Zen are still viable picks for reliability.

This right now honestly is the best time to play as a healer. And I don’t mean as a certain hero one trick, but as a healer. You can switch it up between games without getting bored, and honestly more people should be more flexible with their hero pools. If playing something gets boring, mix it up. Meta changes, but right now is the best time to learn more heroes.

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Lol, I mean I like the pacify ability. I think that sounds cool and kinda works.
I’m not a mercy player though and I’m no expert so you’d have to check with other people.

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I knew you’d agree. :slight_smile:

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I responded to what you said for a while until I figured it was pointless.

What exactly did I leave unresponded to? You saying how it would be unideal to wait for a mass rez at certain times? Yeah, I agree. Sometimes it’s not a good choice to wait for mass rez. If considering the highest level of play, doing so is ridiculous. If I’m considering the majority of the ladder etc etc, then there might be MANY times where waiting for the right time to mass rez vs a tempo could b e way more beneficial.

So please, explain to me what it is that you said that I neglected to address? I’ll do so now.

It is nice talking to intelligent human beings, that’s for sure.

Personally I think they should remove rez outright and create more intricate and interesting abilities for Mercy. Clearly there is no way Blizzard can figure a way to balance it for this game. They’re the professionals at the end of the day.

Is this any good?:face_with_monocle:

Mercy’s entire design from release was flawed. They made an all encompassing support with no drawbacks then released a bunch of niche gimmick supports after.
On top of that, making her so easily accessible.
Now we have the most popular hero in the game with the most mains and one tricks who is also powerful with barely a learning curve.

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Yeah Rez is undeniably problematic af. Look how long it has taken them to sort out this joke of a rework they imposed on us. Flexing into support has felt like Mercy or throw for so many seasons I want to forehead my monitor into oblivion. Picking any healer other than Mercy though felt like “well damn now I really have to focus up and perform” just to provide value on par with me being like “herp derp another drink” on Mercy.

I’d be down for removal of rez, or another rework that changes her kit, like whatever really. I am just not down for mass rez, due to the reasons I outlined before. That’s all. Pitch me on anything under the sky that isn’t mass rez, let’s go. Try to sell me on mass rez? Ehhhhhh… I highly doubt I’ll buy. Due to the reasons I’ve already, imho, explained very well.


Weirdly these niche supports were doing much better than old Mercy who was widely considered to be underpowered. JK, her kit was very flawed.