You fixed torbjorn's gun, can you please fix hog's and reaper's guns now?

Roadhog and Reaper both desperately need their guns to be more reliable. Torb’s shotgun is a lot more powerful now because of that added consistency, and I’m sure that hog would have an actual place in the meta again if his damage was made consistent again, while reaper would actually stand a chance of being good for once.


Both need a tighter spread so much and now torb makes reaper even more useless


How they can justify Reaper and Hog’s spread I have no idea. Sure, I get it, shotgun spread should be the widest, but by that much?

For those who don’t know what we’re talking about here’s the context:

  • Tracer’s spread is 3.6
  • The 2nd widest spread currently is 4.15, shared by D.Va and Torb’s alt fire on live
  • Reaper and Hog have a spread of 20.1, nearly FIVE TIMES WIDER than and Live Torb

You could reduce their spread so much whilst keeping it the widest it’s insane. Even if you only reduce it to 8.3, exactly double the 2nd widest, that would be a huge improvement for them.


It sounds like you are making a joke but sadly you are not

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And Bastion’s.


Edit: Agree, kind of. What about hook though, it would oneshot all of the 200hp characters through heals now, guaranteed.


They also reduced the overall damage of Torb’s shot, though.

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Yes…just yes please.

And raised the attack speed to compensate. That has much more to do with the attack speed change than the spread change.

I was thinking somewhere in the range of 11-14 for them, because 8.3 sounds like it would be too much considering their falloff distances both start further out than torbjorn’s does. Reaper’s starts at 11 meters and roadhog’s is 15.

We don’t want them to become too strong outside of their intended range, just enough so that they aren’t useless outside of it.

Roadhog’s effective range went down a lot when his damage gut cut back for firerate. He needs to be a lot closer currently to do similar damage that he would’ve done at further distances. That’s what I want them to replicate, not make it better than it used to be.

Reaper’s just needs to be effective further out. his inaccuracy even at medium range has always been way too detrimental

That’s what it’s supposed to do if you’re landing a clean shot and a melee afterwards. You can’t reliably do it because of the spread though.

It does still happen. I just hope that it’s made consistent. Otherwise, how is hog supposed to be imposing, or how can he actually punish positioning if he cant reliably deal the damage he needs to deal?

I haven’t been scared of hog since they changed his gun. That’s not good for the game.

he was an absolute menace back before the nerfs. Then again, half the reason he was a menance was because he would pretty much oneshot all the dps with just normal fire.

Maybe it’s okay to start giving him some “damage” buffs, but everyone who remembers those dark days is instantly warry of significant damage road hog buffs.

Just remember that in the old days he used to be able to flank 2 dps and a support just kill all 3 of them without any help or any worry. If the enemy didn’t have a tank prescence or a roadhog counter in that group he just killed them all.

Honestly I find that it was absurd that he was ever nerfed in the first place. His damage was counterbalanced by how much he fed, and how easy it was to be punished for missing shots. His gun was super slow.

Also mind you, back then there was a lot more counterplay to his gun. Now there’s less but you also don’t need it as badly because of how unreliable and weak his damage is compared to before. At least with the spread reduction he could reliably do things, and then from there it could be decided if hog deserves some reverts or not to make him viable.

If the hog can land the shots on people, he deserves to reap the rewards. Right now its like a lottery if you’ll actually get the damage you need to kill or not, because the damage before made up for how many pellets would miss.

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He was dangerous, but his pick rates didn’t really suggest that he was overpowered at all.

I don’t think they can just straight-up raise his damage anymore, since the buffs they gave to his healing would put that way over the top. A spread increase might work out well though.

Part of the problem with the way they changed Roadhog is they kind of put him into a local maximum, where most buffs would make him absurdly OP, but in his current state he’s atrocious.

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His pickrates before his nerf in gm were around 5%, then dropped like a rock to nearly no one picking him. His pickrates right now in gm is 1.21%. He’s just… too weak to have an impact.

I think, that if he was given reduced spread, an extra shot, and sped up the firerate to 0.6 seconds per shot, he could be good again.

But it would be good to just test the waters for now with the reduced spread to improve consistency before determining if he’s too weak or not.

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Yup! Agree completely, especially for Reaper. At least Hog has his hook, which will always be useful. As it stands, Reaper has very little to no use, especially as Torb outshines him in almost every way WITH the added utility of his turret.
It’s really sad they’ve neglected Reaper completely in that sense. Don’t get me wrong, Torb definitely needed buffing! Just sucks that they buffed Torb’s shotgun aspect instead of giving those to Reaper. Torb without that buff would probably be fine with everything else they did, but now it just makes Reaper a worse version of Torb


im all for any form of hog buff, be it hook or spread related, but i’d just like to remind people that when scrap gun was retooled to give him more shots and a higher rate of fire while lowering his damage, his overall dps was reduced by 17%

his burst damage and damage per second were reduced, despite the devs saying hog’s dps would remain “mostly intact”. It’d be nice to have his reload speed increased to counter that loss of dps, as it was never intended to be nerfed like his burst was

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I believe the math worked out that he actually wouldn’t lose his DPS if he had another bullet in his magazine (for a total of 6). It was still a nerf of course, because burst > not-burst, but it wouldn’t have been a DPS nerf then.

His dps was lowered that much? hold on let me do the math, maybe he deserves a higher firerate too with the reduced spread, and an extra shot

This here is just completely insane. No hero EVER needs that much spread and unreliability. The unreliability is such that you can’t even operate effectively in the range you were intended to.

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