You didn’t fix any of anas major problems

she still has no mobility and no self heal and her nano boost doesn’t make up for it


She has self heal…


she needs to use her high value nade, don’t ever self heal with nade it’s not worth it


That’s why you have a secondary healer.


She is the only healer who actually has to waste a cooldown(her most valuable cooldown) in order to heal herself. She only has a self heal if you waste antinade/healing boost.

It’s just dumb that a random Moira orb or any type of spam or chip damage can invalidate Ana. If any other healer had their self heal attached to one of their other abilities it would quickly make them garbage tier like Ana.


Add 25hp self heal/enemy or teammate hit with biotic grenade, DONE.


She really only needs a elf heal on scoped shots. If she had a mobility ability it would have to be high ground only so you can’t use it as an escape.

They did fix her big issues. She doesn’t have self heal, because she doesn’t have to be in the fight to be relevant. She can stay in the back out of harms way. If you don’t want to “waste” her nade by healing yourself and whoever is around you, then you should be keeping close to a health pack. She is the only healer with a kit able to protect her from someone diving her. You can’t give her the healing potential of Mercy, the speed of Lucio and the escape of Moira. There have to be trade offs. The same thing with Moira not being able to heal halfway across the map with her left click.


Ana should get healing for every enemy she hits and enemy she heals. That’s the change I’d like to see.


Heroes of the Storm Ana with her recent changes says hi

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Uh, no, she isn’t the only healer with defense if someone dives on her, no mobility and no self sustain means any character who dives on her almost guarantees her dead, Moira and mercy have much better escape abilities than Ana along with some utlility and better healing output


Ana is the only support that can’t self heal either passively or by using her primary attack. Well, technically Zen can’t either but he has shields which are basically the same thing.

The only way for her to heal is by using her biotic grenade, which btw is the most valuable part of her kit by far, so it’s basically always throwing away your effectiveness just to keep yourself alive.

Makes no sense


That’s not how most maps work?

Very few maps have a decent vantage point that also offers protection as well as healing.

Ana’s “range” is more of a hindrance than anything; Ana is already super greedy with her abilities since she HAS to use them to stay alive, and now she has to take away from the other supports, or the team to be justified.

Also Zen? Moira? Brigitte? Lucio? They all have kits and tools to either dissuade being jumped, mobility to escape, or stun’s and knockback to turn the tide. None of which come anywhere NEAR Ana’s SINGLE target CC’s cooldown.

She on average heals 3000 less hp than Mercy, her mobility is worse than Zen’s, and she literally has no escape?

She has WAY more trade offs than ANY other support in the game; there still needs to be a reason to bring an Ana to play.

Right now, Mercy and Moira can just ignore what keeps Ana so down. They don’t need to waste what utility they have keeping alive. They can ignore chip damage. They have the chance to escape bad situations. They have tools to change positions.

Ana needs a healing passive to be even THOUGHT of as balanced in the way the game has moved


They’ve said they don’t want to fix her issues, particularly mobility and self-heal, because every character needs weaknesses lul. They want to buff her strengths. But they won’t do that either cause tank meta is scary and Ana will be OP/Broken/Mandatory again. probably


That feel when we’re in a semi-tank meta

And Ana is still the worst support



Ana needs something more. Whether that’s mobility or self-heal.
I’ve started playing her recently and she’s easily the most fun support with so much potential.

But she is inherently flawed relative to the other supports.


Self heal 100%

Like it’s depressing how simple a “Healing an injured teammate heals Ana for 10hp (Rifle Only)” would actually make her feel and play so much better

Lack of mobility I can live with since I DO agree she still needs a weakness; but if they wont give us damage, mobility, or a self heal; Ana will ALWAYS be the worst support option


Geoff already talked about why she has no self heal and mobility:


And yet heroes like Moira and Brigitte have no weakenesses…

And it’s a stupid reason when Moira, Mercy, and Brigitte exist in the same game

Other than range, what do they struggle with the same way Ana struggles with barriers, or chip damage

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