You can't change a character's name after 7 years

They won’t because the lawsuit is about the WOW team, not OW team


They do, otherwise they wouldn’t change it.

It’s a PR stunt, nothing more.

False, the character is everywhere, if they shut down the game he and every single hero in the game would and will live on in many forms.


Except if they did that, they’d remove them from any other game. So they wouldn’t exist anywhere but merch and memories.

Which mean squat…

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No they wouldnt. At least not for very long.

No hero from OW can be used in any other game, it would be illegal, just fyi.

False. There is plenty of mediums in which the characters live on just as they do right now.


False, these characters are beloved by people and live on in many ways just like many other works of art from history.

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Here you are still allowed to call him mccree.

Allowed? Ha! That’s funny. I will call him McCree because that is his name and I refuse to let ignorance win.

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Do you really believe that giving him a new name is going to somehow completely disassociate it from him? People don’t just wipe memories from their brain that are associated with something because you call it something else.


Chill out…it´s not 7 years and they are not going to throw it away - just replace some of them with the same good voice acting.

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You are the one being ignorant towards blizzards decision.

Yes, people move on.

Nobody will care about that stuff once ow2 releases in 2026

False. By changing McCree’s name they are giving power to the abuser instead of standing up for the character who represents good and justice. They are allowing evil to win by being cowards and falling to the pressure of SJW. They are choosing evil over good which undermines the message of Overwatch itself, they have no idea what OW or their heroes stand for anymore, the message they are sending is that they are more worried about money than the ideals that they are supposed to represent, not suprised given what is happening in that company nowdays which is disgusting.


For me it rather shows the opppsite.

What are you even talking about? They just try to cut the connection to the dev in question.

And please dont use the word SJW. Nobody takes people who use that insult seriously.

You know that it is more expensive to change his name than to just keep it the same.

“Moving on” is different than complete disassociation and memory loss. Moving on means you’ve dealt with the grief and trauma of the event. In 5 years people will still look at the hero and think “McCree”, no matter how hard you force people to try and think otherwise. The only ones who will not are those who were never exposed to him in the first place. For that you need an entirely need generation of people.


I doubt that.

And even if.

Blizzard doesnt care. You are allowed to call him whatever you want to.

But they wont call him what you want them to.

Then you are mistaken. This is the equivalent of allowing an abuser to dictate your life and thoughts instead of standing up to them. It is also the equivalent of allowing the actions of one affect others, they are choosing to let this person ruin something for everyone else. There are multiple Jesse McCree’s out there but Blizzard’s message is that because one of them did something bad then that person owns the name and dictates what we should do. Instead of choosing that name to represent something good, they chose to allow it to represent something bad.

They chose to allow the name to mean something bad when they could’ve chosen to make it mean something good. Jesse McCree the hero from Overwatch is a good person who stands for justice, that is the message that they have told us all of these years, but now, I guess that is not true anymore because someone who happens to have the same name did something bad, even though that person doesn’t own that name, as I said previously, there are multiple Jesse McCree’s out there.

Only SJW say that.

Wrong, bad PR would cost them more money. They are even being lazy about it by not changing past content, only future ones.


Its not a coincidence that mccree is called jesse mccree.

He was purposely named after the dev who even had to sign a document.

No. The person they named him after did something bad.

No. Its called moving on.

Evidence? They have bad Press already anyway.

Calling peopel sjw’s just makes you look childish.

Thats not something you should ever assume about someone. Not every victim reacts in the same way. Dismissing victims for not agreeing with your stance is disgusting.


As I’ve said before, multiple people out there are called Jesse McCree, this person doesn’t own the name nor should his actions taint it. Is everyone out there called Jesse McCree going to have to change their names too? Of course not. Also, they chose the name because it sounded cool, it has nothing to do with the person themselves.

They named him something that they thought sounded cool, nothing more.

Wrong. By changing your name you allow this person to own you, you give them power over you. The right thing to do is to choose the name to mean good, Jesse McCree the hero from OW is good and in honor of every other Jesse McCree out there we shoulnd’t allow this abuser to taint the name, all they are doing is giving him power over them.

Evidence? You keep saying this but you yourself have no evidence of what you say so I would advise you to stop. It is blatantly obvious that given their situation, not changing the name will make them look worse, they are saving face nothing more, they are choosing the coward way out instead of standing up for good. You say that they are doing this to distance themselves from the person, but that notion is as wrong as changing the character’s name. They are going to be reminded daily that this character’s name is Jesse McCree one way or another, believing that they can just change the name and forget about it is naive.

That is what a SJW would say. It’s textbook, trying to devalue the term by offending the user.


No other person on the planet (probably) was called jesse mccree because of this dev.

The in game mccree was specifically named after the dev in question.
Saying that there is zero connection is thus wrong.

No matter what you try to argue changes this fact and all of this was even said by the Overwatch team, too.

If the people who work at blizzard say that it is the right decision for them then it is.

You should accept their opinion if they believe that it helps them to move on because unlike you they are working where that stuff happened.