You can’t afford a phone?

So why are we crying about the whole sms transition?
Why would anyone not have a phone, that’s completely absurd… It literally helps get rid of all the alt accounts in the game. (that’s probably your reason you’re salty)

If you use a prepaid phone, playing OW should not be your priority, this game is a luxury so if you can’t play it because you refuse to get a decent phone then just move on. :man_facepalming:t4:


Post written by Bobby Kotick


Or you could remove your head from whatever dark place you shoved it in and realize that many of these people bought OW1 and played it for years without meeting the new requirement and adding a requirement that now blocks them from playing is extremely unethical and disgusting.

Instead you can’t see outside your own limited narrow perspective.


Lmfaoo what even is that?

Think about lil Timmy who parents won’t let him use their phones :scream:


No it’s called just getting a good phone like??

None of this matters. People won’t play because the game will be trash, not because they don’t have phones.

Blizzard hasn’t made a good game in 5 years and OW2 won’t break that streak


People like you make me deeply sad. Are you that incapable of caring about others that you can say something as dumb as ‘poor people shouldn’t get to enjoy luxuries’? Shameful.


I don’t have any social media accounts and people tell me that’s absurd. Some folks just live their lives differently from others, you know? Why? Because they can lol


Ah yes games for thee not for me.


This argument is so braindead and lazy.

It is not about not being able to afford a phone. You are being blatantly ignorant at this point to keep denying the issues this presents.

  1. If an individual for any reason has a Pre-paid phone; preference, inability to fund, savings and cost effectiveness, lack of decent service, not too many carrier options, etc then the person is ultimately at the mercy of what Blizzard considers “legitimate” for the SMS protection.

  2. This locks out a number of Legacy players, people who paid for the game at it’s inception and includes their time, money (lootboxes), and progress for the soul purpose of “combating smurfing” which could have been achieved in any other way than this.

  3. Much like point 2, this makes new players who fall into any category; unwilling to own a cellphone, too young to have one or need one with SMS, no coverage in the area, etc from ever playing the game thus a loss of revenue as a whole for Blizzard and a damage point to a game they consider inclusive and for everyone.

  4. There should never in the history of ever with as many forms of verification already available to us; email, authenticator, and physical authenticators for purchase should need someone to invest in a celluar device which does not even net them any income by proxy of acquisition or for that matter aid in keeping player retention.

If you are incapable of seeing this and default to “If you can’t fund blank blank blank” then you are just being willfully ignorant of the times.

In 2022, the era of the supposed “You got it or you don’t” and “Everybody has a phone” world we are also suffering from:

A Pandemic.
A Recession bordering another Great Depression.
Shortage of Food.
Companies seeing more people quitting than employeeing.
Unemployment on the rise due to poor work conditions and health conditions exposed by the Pandemic’s poor response world wide.
Warfare in multiple countries, etc.

But the hill you want to die on is “priorities” when people are trying to enjoy a game to probably escape all those woes I just listed.

This topic needs to be locked it is ridiculous.


sms verification services cost less then 30 cents


The quality of the phone doesn’t matter. I could own an iPhone 13 Pro Max but if I’m using a list of unapproved carriers it wont matter. Blizzard is basically disqualifying people from playing the game due to what carrier they have.

Which really sucks for people who live in an area where some of the approved carriers just don’t have reliable service.


Do you buy everything you can afford even if you don’t need it?

For me, it’s not a question of not being able to afford a postpaid phone - it’s a question of whether I actually need it. I have a cheep prepaid phone (which I hope will work with OW2, but I don’t know whether it will). It’s all I need; I don’t need a postpaid phone.

If I got a postpaid phone, I would be getting it only to play OW2. I want to play OW2, but badly enough to incur an expense that, while I could afford it, isn’t one that I have any reason besides OW2 to incur.

So I just hope my prepaid phone will work with OW2, otherwise I won’t be playing (even though I could afford a postpaid phone if I thought I needed one).


I have a modern smartphone on a monthly plan and I’m not allowed to play OW anymore because Blizzard doesn’t like the service provider.

Great news, you’ve foiled this smurf with 3000 hours and a bunch of paid skins on his account! Your matches will be safe from me now! Huzzah!


I think people who are crying about not being able to afford a phone have bigger issues at hand than being able to play a game

Who are you to tell people what kind of phone subscription they should have?


Bad and dumb take that doesn’t add to the conversation. Literally just trying to put poor people down for no good reason.


There are various phone contracts, like Cricket, that won’t work for this.

People do have phones - but they don’t have the right kinds of contracts/plans that allow for the verification that they want.