Yo! why am i getting -sr when im 4 gold? (as tank)

long story short…
The entropy of the ranking system would not fail if some people who lost the game still got +SR.

as an bonus the playerbase would not be toxic, if people had a personal rank and not “the random team you played with” rank.

(the reason people are toxic is not cus they was born evil or immature, they simply dont want to lose their rank!)

I fully belive that a ranking system that gives out -sr for losses is the root cause of all this fury and toxicity in owerwatch.
i also fully belive that a ranking system works fully even without minus points, losing games can simply add ±0 to sr without any affect to rank


“4 golds” doesn’t necessarily mean you performed well, at all
it’s relative to your team


and my team is suppose to be relevant to my skill level!
so it does matter when talking about ranking systems.

now ofc we all played ow and we all know that, the team rank is not relevant to “individual players skill”… (its relative to luck with the 5 other randoms).

so i guess you got a point, 4 golds dont matter, but it is a ingame benchmark.
but still… the point you are speaking off is only valid due to the overwatch ranking system beeing flawd, as it giving out season rank based on your team, not your skill.

(in cs:go its alot “easier” for 1 player to boost a whole team performance due to its 5vs5, in 6vs6 it’s ALOT harder to do due to how math works, so in reality having 4 golds is mathematical a bigger achivment* then 30-1 in cs go match, thus it should matter in the rank placement)

*if the ranking system was working correctley it would be mathmatical true

Your team lost, your rank goes down. No participation trophies, you failed.

Quarterbacks lose even when they’re brilliant, thats how competition works


yeah, and this “though” attitude is what im saying causes the toxic enviorment ow is in now… games should be fun.

and participation throphys… thats an incorrect statment as it is now, participation get punished.

also im pretty sure athletes get paid regardless if the team win or loses… what you are saying is quarterbacks get a paycheck reduction if they lose.


Do better and win games. You’ll gain SR then. Gold medals don’t win games.


Fun is subjective. No one is being tough, some people simply are not mentally or emotionally suited for the realities of competition

If you aren’t having fun, amend your perspective or move on.

You don’t get a pat on the head for losing. Good players lose all the time

Payment is not rank. Sorry.


First of all, to “do better” in owerwatch requires high social skills - not high game skills.

also, i have just stated that its nearly impossable for 1 player to boost an entire match on her/him own. this is a 6vs6 enviorment, your affective % at making a diffrence as a single player, goes down the drain vs a 5 player game, its a pretty big diffrence betwen 5vs5 and 6vs6.

you have a very tought attitude. you are evidently pro for hand out punishments to the losers. Simply giving the losing team nothing is acording to you a “participation thropy”.

stop taking overwatch rank so serious, noone in their right mind would do so, as it only leads to griefing and toxicity… as soo evident by the players in the games!

(they dont want to lose so they start turning on etchother, ruing overwatch, just becouse blizzard are stupid enough to listen to voices like yourself)


No it really doesn’t. Post some replays and we’ll tell you how you can gain SR. You are at the rank you deserve for your GAME skills.


nope, im at this rank becouse i solo que, its not about skills its about luck.
(having -sr for losses is a flaw and it causes sooo much toxicity in nearly EVERY game)

sometimes i get teamed with great people and i go on a winning streak, then bad people and a losing streak…(and i dont even base good or bad on their skills, i base it on their communications)

i have solo’ed my way to global elite, doing "matchmaking with 4 others randoms… i’ve got sick aim and game sense etc etc… but you know what, i cant get past 3k, after my ranking games, games rank always just goes down and down and down… until a new season!


You seem to regard anyone who challenges your perspective as ‘toxic’

If being competitive is too serious for you, try another mode or another game

If your ability to compete were half as robust as your ability to make excuses you’d be in OWL turning that paycheck you so prize for your loss compensation


dont quote toxic as if i have called you toxic… i said that you have a very though disposition on the matter, i dont regard a “loss of punishment” as “participation thropy”.
and for the record:
the ow devs knows the amount of player report they get in. OW is a very toxic enviorment, unlike any other blizzard games. we all know it and im simply pointing out WHY people are toxic.

ps. system-punishment has no place in sound and healthy competition…
as evident by the soon canceld OWL, the toxic enviorment that blizzard has inadvertitly introduced with this current “punishment system” kinda ruin the fanbase for owl aswell.

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Explain prolikechro and others like him

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I lost a game recently as Orisa. Gold elims, damage and obj elims.

My dps were shockingly bad and just fed.

However, my gold elims was only 7. Enemy Hammond coped with his crap dps by carrying the game hard and getting 24 elims for his team. He deserved to beat me as he provided far greater utility for his team.

Crap tam mates are a part of Overwatch. Heck, even GMs playing in plat when first placing end up losing games, despite being 1-2k below their real SR.

And as to rewarding based on performance, how’s that work if my team are great and I go 30-3 kd and crush it, whilst if my team are crap I might go 5-6 kd as I try desperately to hold the line as my dps suck real bad?

If your team suck, hard to get good performance, unless you’re a team independent hero such as a mobile dps, etc


Well, Felix Hernandez in his prime was still considered one of the best pitchers in the world even when his team continuously failed to provide any wins for him.

I’m so tired of this mentality. The only people who say this are the ones getting outplayed every fight and have no medals whatsoever. Four gold medals from a tank is a very telling sign of the player’s match performance, as at least one of their damage team mates should be out damaging their tanks. It shows that the damage team members aren’t landing their shots, and it’s much worse if he had gold healing as Roadhog.

For that last one, I don’t know how anyone can argue that a Roadhog with gold healing isn’t a sign that the support players either really suck or they legit threw the match. I get that healers can sometimes get hard focused before team fights take off, but they should have the sense to swap to a more mobile support and/or have better positioning. A tank having gold heals is unacceptable and the supports would need to step up their game or be reported for throwing.

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Because that’s not how tanks are judged.

You can’t deny though that communication plays an important aspect as you climb up the ladder. It improves team coordination and if you try to remain calm, you can deter low morale when you’re on the losing side of a match. I think that last one is an underrated factor, as team mates that are bombarded with insults, yelled at to switch, and micromanaged are only going to want the match to end ASAP and may even throw out of spite.

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Got it. You’d be in Overwatch league if only you had a queue partner, but you’re gold because you solo queue (or because of the matchmaker, or leavers, or smurfs, or hackers, or the lunar eclipse). Sounds accurate for these forums.


And I’m even more tired of people thinking that having all Gold medals mean they deserve an automatic promotion to the next rank for being some kind of a superstar.

They mean you did the best in that category on your team.
That’s it.
It doesn’t mean that “the best on the team” really means “a performance worthy of being promoted above my plebian teammates holding me back”