Yo! why am i getting -sr when im 4 gold? (as tank)

First thing they need to do is get rid of the stupid medal system.

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Nice straw man. But anyway, the developers obviously believe the medal system is an important stat symbol as they’ve kept it in the game for so long. Other stats got axed like the match rating system, while medals are tallied on player’s profiles and they show up as cards at the end of the match. Also, having gold medals in eliminations and objective kills shows that you are working with the team in getting the right picks. Oh, but I’m sure you’d say the flanking Soldier 76 with no medals but bronze damage is carrying by poking the enemy Reinhardt for a few shots before running away and screaming at his team mates for lack of heals.

That’s not what a straw man is.

Im sorry youre ‘tired of this mentality,’ but here is an objective fact you should come to grips with:

Medals do not inherently inform anything except your rank in that stat for your team.

That rank is completely relative to your teams performance

It does not inherently mean you are playing well.

Could it? Sure. But suggesting a gold medal always means anything more is disingenuous at best.


Honestly they should scrap the medal system entirely because all it does is cause toxicity and infighting within teams - “I’ve got 5 golds, y’all suck!”

all the while at the end of the round:
1 elim: Gold
5,000 damage: Gold (this much damage for so few eliminations is not good - it’s an indicator of too much enemy-support-ult-charging trash damage)
1 second objective time: Gold
1 objective kill: Gold
500 healing: Gold

These… are not good stats by anyone’s measure.

Such stats with 5 Gold medals means ALL SIX players on the team underperformed - not only your 5 teammates.

In this scenario - the medal holder is nothing more than the shiniest turd in the litterbox - looks good compared to the rest of them - but it’s still a turd


If they fed so much, how come you had gold damage?
Maybe you fed a lot, so supports had to focus you to no end, therefor dps didn’t have any enablement to confirm kills, and in your eyes “fed and died”


Agreed any ranking system that takes into account anything but your own gameplay is stupid.

Pitchers dont play in every game. And it’s pretty hard to lose when you pitch a shutout. Those people were probably wrong.

Baseball is not an accurate comparison to Overwatch

The reason that you don’t get 0+ points for a loss in a ranking system is that it would inaccurately reflect players skills.

Especially in a game like 6v6, you’re going to win sometimes, even if you aren’t as skilled as the rest of the players in your games. With a larger number of games than other players, you could just rank up further and further outside of your skill range. You could win 10% of your games, and be ranked higher than players winning 50%. If you don’t see a problem with that, I don’t know what to tell you.

I can’t lose my rank. I’m already at the bottom of the barrel. All i want is matches that aren’t stomps one way or the other. Is that too much to ask for.

Sounds like you should play FFA games, not a team-based game.

That will never happen in bronze. Too much skill variation and too many throwers. Work on your game and get to silver if you want more even matches.

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i dont know about pro players in ow, as i have 0 interest in follow… BUT as someone else said " unless you are a mobile dps pro" you cannot effect the outcome of the game as a single player.

Important communication in overwatch is thinks like " genji can you please change?
winston & symmetra is countering you and we need 1 maybe even two! hitscan to counter phara and mercy!"
important communication gets scrambled by emotions.

Overwatch hero selection is alot like chess you have to counter the other team, and thats is great and all… but when people due to emotional and the expectation that people are just beeing toxic in every game, players have a hard time different their identity from a hero…
if someone says “genji is a bad pick” they often take this as someone said “hey genji you suck at this game”

no you havent got a clue. I dont even want to be in OWL.
stop coming here with your toxic BS about me blaming anyone for anything.
im simply saying that the current overwatch rank system is flawed and it causes a cancer in the community.

you can discuss medals all you want, its an ingame benchmark, wheter you want to discuss if it matter or not i dont care.
i think at the very least, person with gold/silver and the ones who get potg(if apart of the losing team) should not get minus 50SR for losing a game.

(but for toxic/cancer cure, i think all whom has lost should NOT get punished with -sr, simply put players who dont get punished, does not need to punish other players in return)

+1 … i think it breeds alot of toxic behaeour in this community.

no, its not comparable.
-sr and ±0sr system both reflect accurate ratings withing their own “ranksystem”
but -sr ranksystem emphasis team-skill and luck/unlucky matchmaking.
±0sr ranksystem emphasis player skill and luck.

i’ve only been to 3000k, i dont know the ranking system… but i can confirm that ROFL STOMPS matchmaking is 80% of all games in gold, either you win by a big margin or you lose by a big margin… actual fun and GOOD games that are even, is far in between.

anyways, having a -+0 sr feedback would perhaps be unfair in one way, people would perhaps still be toxic and be like:
“omfg how you managed to get boosted to this rank”.

But i honestley feel like its alot of wrong with the current rank system, as it is now, it is higly based on luck for soloquieing, having gold medals still makes you lose SR, getting POTG that shows you actulley did something “turntable vise” also gives -sr…
likse seriously, there is so much that needs to be fixed with the current rank system.

if you are soloqueing- you hafto be god/prolevel good to be able to boost the game and effect your own personal rank…
the flaws of the rank system all shows in the toxic playerbase/community…

so i suggest this:
a loss of game gives -10sr.
potg gives +8 sr
every gold gives you +2sr.
silver gives +1.5sr
bronze 0.5sr

some players would be able to even gain rank in a losing game.

ofc people are still gonna have bad days/bad games, but only losing MAX 10 sr per game would balance the game.

and keep current sr gains for winning only with marganinly small tweak

It’s not too much of a stretch to say a Roadhog can outheal a Zen pretty easily. Espeically if the Zen struggles to get value out of trans. It means, however, that the roadhog is an ult-battery for the enemy team before inhaling his heal juice. Not that the Zen is necessarily doing badly. In a bad match also, if the hog getting ult-farmed before guzzling, and the rest of the team are dying in seconds, it’s gonna be hard for any of the healers to heal people. Since they cant heal them when they are dead. It is, however, very easy for roadhog to snif 300 healing from whatever substance he has in that pot.

What do you think your rank would be with your “improved” system?

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T500 :joy:

20 Chars limit

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Are you ok with getting -SR for a win if the algorithm determines your teammates carried you? You’re just replacing toxicity towards teammates for the perception that THEY caused the loss with toxicity towards an algorithm that weighs stats over the outcome. No algorithm can accurately capture your true contribution towards a win or a loss. I could theoretically cause my team to win a game by never getting a kill as Wrecking ball because I distracted the enemy team from the actual objective.

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What you’ve been writing is the textbook definition of a straw man. You’ve been arguing against a claim I’ve never asserted: That gold medals are worth a rank promotion. Never said this in any form and never suggested it.

But like I said before, I’d love to see someone try and argue that a Roadhog having gold healing isn’t an issue, let alone doesn’t indicate that the team’s healers suck or are throwing.

On another note, I’m honestly disappointed in the lack of critical thinking from others. They watch one video on YouTube that cherry picks one or two scenarios that make gold medals seem irrelevant, and then people just throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s why people still go around thinking Moira has RNG mechanics: “Because some guy on YouTube said it!”

Anyway, the only people that dismiss the medal system are the ones without any medals in the match, and the ones that praise it are the ones with all of the gold medals. I’m not saying that medals are an “end all be all” appeal to authority, but they offer a general guidance that gives insight on how well you and your teammates are contributing to the match.

No, the people that say this understand that gold medals are a flawed system.
But this whole post is a train wreck so I guess a response like that was inevitable.

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Actually, I think it’s quite the stretch. My stats for healing are much higher on Zen than with Roadhog, and I even got up to 18K healing on Zen. Not only that, but Zen statistically outheals Roadhog on average when factoring in every player from every rank. Zen may get a bad rap for being the worst healer, but he should still heal more than a Roadhog and Soldier 76. If he’s got bronze healing or no medals at all in healing, then I think it’d be best for him to switch or rethink his strategy/positioning.