Yesterday marked one year since Mercy was reworked

This is D.Va rework erasure

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Yes it is but its a no skill hero so no one cares if her player base is upset that she has been stripped of ANY skill she once had for an easy mode spectator ult. There are so many IQ plays with Valkyrie now. /s

I just want Valkyrie and Ressurect gone at this point. Anything to see Valkyrie gone from this hero so if I am to sacrifice ressurect I can deal with that if they can give her an actually fun, balanced and skillful ability and an ultimate with game changing plays.

That’s just me. Do I want mass ressurect back? Sure but realistically do I honestly think they will bring it back. Nope. So removed the damn thing AND Valkyrie and give us something better.


The new Mercy is more Engaging, takes more skill, and is overall a more enjoyable hero.:
Old Mercy: Guardian Angel, Heal, Damage boost, Pistol, instant non-engaging ultimate.
New Mercy: Guardian Angel, Heal, Damage boost, Pistol, 15 second much more engaging ultimate, Resurrection every 30 seconds

So now instead of a brain dead ultimate that didn’t even slightly engage the player anymore, you have a slightly less brain dead ultimate that lasts 15 seconds, allows fast flight, and insane healing capabilities to your whole team. Plus an additional ability that with a cast time takes skill because you will need team coordination and thought put in before attempting the rez.

Kudos to blizzard on an extremely successful rework. The hero is now more balanced, more engaging (more to do instead of just heal now), and much more fun. They did a great job. :slight_smile:

Sure whatever helps you sleep at night. :blush:


Ah, yes the Mercy rework. Worst thing to ever happen to Overwatch… “Mass rez us un-fun to play against” and playing against her in ever match isn’t?? I am glad stopped overwatch her rework came out… Because she seemed really OP

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Or do this:


Ruined it for you, I guess.

Why don’t we revert dva as well? Screw micro missiles.

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When the opinion is about how fun that certain hero feels to play and there is no evidence for actual recent playtime on that Hero… kinda hurts the actual power of the argument, doesn’t it?

Example… In CS:GO I have a total amount of one game played. Was it fun? Nope… (lobby with some random ear-rape mic spammer kid) otherwise I would have played more… Do I allow myself to just call the whole game Unfun? No because I don’t have the same amount of data that people, who regulary play it have.

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You must have misread the PTR patchnotes, I’m pretty sure it was removed

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Let’s not forget those who are afraid to voice their concerns. I have thousands of comments on my videos thanking me for giving a voice because of the toxicity. Titanium’s post also has 800 likes, most of those have not commented.


Neither here nor there, but 4 second DM had just as much vitriol as mass rez. So I’m gucci; I prefer there not being ten million nerf D.Va threads

They won’t get their way. Blizzard tend to just ignore feedback anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

Fine by me. I like that idea.

Everyone says being a flying healing chandelier is a very fun and interactive ultimate to use though… :thinking:

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TL;DR: Revert Mercy.

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The vocal minority want it.
Me? Absolutely not. She’s balanced now.


Old mercy coming back is truly the dream.


The thing with this argument is, literally no one is asking for 5 man rez to return exactly as it was without any adjustments. Everyone agrees there were issues with it, but those issues were very fixable and ultimately, much easier to balance for everyone than this mess of a rework.