Yall can talk all the smack you want about Echo

ahh yes. zarya is strong with rein, rein is the best main tank, therefore zarya is op. i get it now.


They aren’t. Blizzard over nerfed the other tanks and they needs buffs to be back on par with rein. Orisa can’t even function without a second shield


It should be the other way around.

It’s not. Buff orisa and sigma and blizzard needs to find a solution to deal with double shield and stop beating around the bush. I would have fired their balance team by now for thier incompetence. More and more this game has gotten worse


And what would that solution be? Buffing DPS? Power creep? What DPS will manage to get through concrete walls without being buffed as well as a result?

Then drops some solutions. Ideas. Suggestions.

I got like 15 of them.

Currently my favorite is this one.

CliffNotes: 1-3-2, Big buffs for all barrier tanks, Move offtanks to DPS, maximum 1 offtank per team, minimum 0 offtank per team, optional Dibs queue to first-pick offtank on initial hero select.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2


Creating shield busters, creating characters that get stronger from more enemy shields, limiting 1 shield, making shields have a cap limit for a team and proportionally removes the excess, remove sigmas shield and give a diffrent form of damage mitigation that actually fits instead of slapping a shield on him. The dude controls gravity. He shouldn’t need a shield. Stop, reflect, divert there’s many ways they could do that. Use your imagination.

Any of those would be better than nerfing characters into the ground

The shield busters were nerfed because no one wanted to deal with them either. See Hanzo and arguably Junkrat.

What about Brig?

Junkrat is fine. If we had a second junkrat double shields would never be a problem to bust through. I play junkrat all the time and bust through barrier comps no problem.

Hanzo is a sniper. It makes no sense for him to be a shield buster in the first place.

Brig is 200 hp barrier support. They can make it only affecting tanks

Or, nerf Rein to be in-line with Orisa and Sigma.

Yeah, that sounds a lot less risky.

They did. They nerfed every shield in the game except for Rein’s.

Now they need to clean up that gross oversight and complete the nerfs. Take rein’s barrier, and cut 400 more health at least.

At these lower levels, with buffs to other parts of the tanks’ kits, you get better tank parity because the non-barrier tanks can contribute with barrier-break. When Rein isn’t OP Hog is a good pick to counter and pair with Orisa.

Zarya synergises with more than just Rein, thought right now you would never know it since it’s pointless to run her without him. After a solid rein nerf, going Zarya/Dive tank suddenly becomes a LOT more attractive because she can bubble them when they go in hard.

Suddenly D.Va is good again even with her nerfed DM. There’s no need to buff DM if you just balance the barriers to not be hands-down better than it is. Who knew?

Suddenly Monkey is a good pick again. First off his 700 health bubble isn’t a joke compared to a 1200 health rein barrier that regens at 120 health per second (which is what I would nerf it to) because while the monkey bubble regenerates at half the speed the monkey has an easier time getting it into good positions. However, at 1600 health regenerating 150 health per second, Rein simply has too much barrier for monkey to compete with. It doesn’t matter than he synergises better with D.Va and Ball than Rein could ever hope to because rein himself is worth more than Winston and his second tank put together.

The problem is Reinhardt. He is OP.

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Rein has a niche that no other tank can effectively fill. A mobile anchor tank. With OP gamewinning ult. Zarya has great synergy with Rein. You are forced to use 2 tanks so yea they make a strong combo.

I mean they are the best of bad choices but they really have nothing to do with Echo. She owns them hard and they can’t do much about it. But simply saying another hero is broken my hero is fine… is a bad argument. Especially given they are completely different roles.

It’s like saying Moira heals too much so Hanzo’s ult cost can be reduced by 50%.

I always felt the biggest problem with Rein was his “niche” is basically how the game is built to be played. You have to get up close to capture or contest objectives. So a hero that has extreme dmg up close but no real ranged attacks is hardly at a disadvantage when the enemy is forced to get close.

Mean while I can’t count the number of times I was forced to get on the objective as Orisa despite it being the worst range for her. Mean while Winston is also close range but does what half the dmg of rein and has to reload? His shield is also half as strong and he lacks an instant kill move like charge.

Lets face it you’d have to do a massive rework to Rein to not make him the best Tank, or change how the game is played to give more variety than payload or capture maps.

It’s not a bad thing. SInce the game was literally designed around him. The maps have wide spaces for Rein to go through since day 1. The game is designed around tanks like Rein. And remember they expected people to play one tank in groups initially. So now that the game is balanced around 2 tanks it means usually the best tanks have great synergies. Rein is also not skill intensive so his kit gives him power in utility which is what tanks need to succeed. He is reliable. Hammond relies on picks/ pushes/ getting people in weird positions, singling out someone. D.Va relies on being flexible and aiding fights by absorbing damage/ eliminating ults/enemy utility, applying pressure to other places etc.

Rein has an easy learning curve and is designed to be the go to tank.

Cool you didn’t fix the issue of the other tanks being garbage. They are still taking on way more damage than they can handle. You just made all 3 of them garbage. Good luck with queue times after nobody plays maintank at all after that


Yall can talk all the smack you want about Echo

On closer inspection it is actually a flying symmetra in robot form.
If I have understood her story correctly, then she was designed to create peace. That must be the reason why it is equipped with weapons and has no chip built in to stop it from killing people.
And her ultimate is probably the most unique development since the invention of Call of Duty and DLC’s.

Zarya and Reinhardt are okay in my opinion.

Do you want that even fewer people play tank ?


Sigma could have that cool ability from Titanfall where you collect all the damage in front of you (block damage in a field instead of only damage directed at you) and then output that damage explosively in one shot.

Absorbing damage 5o become shields is so pointless everyone just stops shooting instantly and Roadhog hooks you lol

Hahaha. Hahahaha. Crippling depression resumes. - Orisas and Sigmas the world over.

They’re not, though. Support slightly lack out-of-combat self-sustain necessary to hold pincer angles and thus exploit single shields and take advantage of off-tank mini-pushes as well as in previous eras and tanks other than Rein are faintly short on TTK (TTD?) and, in some cases, need more diverse utility.

I play titanfall too. That ability is so fun to use.