WyomingMyst no longer MVP?

This thread: :roller_coaster:. Everything will be okay :sun_with_face:


Well, sounds like good news for Wyoming. Hopefully a new opportunity is the reason for his absence and the post color change.

Big if true! :eyes:
(Insert Shaq excited GIF here)

that would be really interesting, and they pick the top things ppl have voted for etc

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Or simply not have competitive balance changes outside of competitive.

But even then i think they shouldn’t do everything exclusively for the 0.5% players it just makes the game unfun…

Hey guys, thanks everyone for your continued support. Exciting things are coming, and I have been happy to support this community for over five years. I don’t think I can get into specific details now, but the path laid before me is an opportunity unlike any other and I am happy to have Andy and Jodie’s support! Regardless of my future, I am looking forward to what is coming to Overwatch 2. I ask all of you to be kind to each other and to the rest of the Overwatch community.

The world could always use more heroes.



If that means what I think it means, I’m really happy for you.


The WoW team buys a fantastic studio that made a great game that didn’t gain traction.

They did this after a Microsoft sought to acquire them. And they are a studio that specialised in action combat games with controllers support….

Wow on XBox confirmed?

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good luck and I hope it goes really well for u x


I don’t think we ever interacted.

But I sincerely wish you all the best now and in the future.


Probably. Heck, WoW on Smart TVs without a PC or Console is likely.

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Good luck and best wishes for a bright future!

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No need, we saw the leaks

You are hero 35


Good for you, lad. You’ve put in a lot of work, and I’m glad they’re rewarding you for it fully.


A 24/7 moderator that can ban would be devastating. Right now the moderation is pretty laid back. These forums are going to turn into a super space where blizz is worshiped without criticism. rip

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I’m really glad things are going well for you. You’re a decent fella.


I was wondering about this myself, glad to see that he’s simply in the process of being hired by Blizzard. I only hope that he will remain as active here on the forums as he was previously, but merely gainfully employed and serving in an official capacity as a sort of Community Liaison.

Not being a direct employee does have its benefits of having a freer hand to talk to the community. I’ve heard stories that Blizzard doesn’t allow employees to make off-hand remarks and everything needs to be approved before it gets posted.

There’s certainly more freedom to offer critical feedback in public forums as a non-employee. Still, it’s better received when it’s constructive.

I think WyomingMyst has done a good job offering fair feedback over the years.

He’s been pretty impartial…I would agree

I had someone ask me if I wanted to be an mvp once and I basically said that I doubt I would have Wyoming’s impartiality (is that a word? :sweat_smile:)