WyomingMyst appreciation Thread

This is one thread we have to keep. :+1:


Hi Wyoming mist! I’ve always wondered who you were beneath what seemed like a Wikipedia’s worth of information (without the inaccuracies, that is of course!) All your posts help so much and you seem to know everything! What are your sources as I never seem to be able to find one for all the informative posts you give (I’m not saying your wrong by the way, your pretty much my source of overwatch news :laughing:)

I’m a pretty new user and your welcoming guides helped me so much!

Thankyou for your hard work making the world full of more heroes, such as yourself

Sorry if this bumped this up to the top so much I just wanted to ask a question! :slightly_smiling_face: Mean no harm to newer topics and just wanted to thank Wyoming mist

I like that this thread is back up. There’s a reason he’s got “MVP” in his battletag, lol.

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What happened to the other MVP’s … Ive only seen one other MVP but that was waaaay back during the domnicance of Brig and Rise of Goats

I’m sure the irony of Necroing this thread was intentional.

Greetings Superlego3

In terms of news, I work to stick purely to official Blizzard public sources of information as much as possible. This can include but is not limited to:

Whenever I quote from a developer post from the old Overwatch Forums (they changed the platform in February 2018 and closed the old forums in early 2020), I refer to an “archive website” I have built on my personal domain called the Old Overwatch Forums Dev Post Archive. This is a slow-going project I work on in my free time, but I am slowly recovering most of the developer responses from the old forums (by looking up bot-archived data from archive.org).

It can be a nightmare to track all of this information sometimes. There is a handy third-party bot site called Overstalk.io which reposts any official Tweet, dev post (on the forums or reddit), YouTube Video, and more. I also rely on highly-popular content creators like Stylosa, YourOverwatch, BlameTheController and more to catch information that I might have missed.

I do have some limited contact with Community Manager Josh Nash as he has been very friendly to help me get information that can help all of you with critical issues I see trending in the game and he helps me set the record straight if I ever misinterpret information.

Oh, I can be wrong sometimes and there have been times that have caused problems, though I never intend to cause such problems. For example, I made a really bad error and misinterpreted a statement in the News Blog post for the “Role Queue Beta” season when Role Queue was first introduced. Based on the blog post it implied that all stats including the hidden matchmaker rating, but in reality, only the career profile stats and Hidden MMR carried over from Season 17 to Role Queue Beta and to Season 18. I asked Prinicipal Designer Scott Mercer directly here on the forums to help me get the actual answer and he did respond with the correct information for me. I was wrong reading the blog post. This did upset a significant portion of the overall community (not just the forums), and I do feel sorry for my mistake back then. However that is now pretty well in the past, and I am still happy to help where I can.

I am glad to be able to help where I can. As always I wish I could do more for the community, but supporting all of you helps everyone, including me, enjoy Overwatch more!


You can often find Nicole answering topics frequently in the Technical Support forum. I myself just like to be everywhere and help wherever I can and just be a positive member of our community. The reason I literally post everywhere and discuss all factors of Overwatch is because I do want to see this game become better and be more fun for everyone!

There are about 2 dozen MVPs across all of the different game forums including those for Latin America and that is just the Americas Tech Support and Customer Service MVP group. There is a separate group for the “World of Warcraft Community” and other groups for different regions like Europe and Korea.


You really are someone who the forums just couldn’t exist as they are without you.


Enjoy the game, you really deserve it


He’s cool…but I’m still jealous he has green text😑

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I have literally never seen an MVP on the European forums (really where I should be right now, but they are just not as active as the US so I usually come here).

There is probably tons I have seen, j should pay more attention :laughing:

Wait? There are different forums for different regions?

Someone’s green with envy…

Jokes aside, remember my status and title is in recognition of my efforts and contributions to the community. Any of you are more than welcome to contribute and help support our community and if Blizzard takes notice, you may be invited to join our ranks.

The world could always use more heroes.

Ikr they should have different coloured text for the different trust levels aswell that would be cool. Maybe even based on the tiers of loot rarity? Also I think the trust levels should be renamed to tier 1=common, tier 2=uncommon, tier 3=rare and other bigger levels that are a lot harder to reach (like an MVP) or are just flat out unobtainable to the public (developer account) should be legendary.

How do you even reach those levels or level them up?

Yes, to switch to a different language or region scroll to the bottom of any forum page and click on the “English (US) :globe_with_meridians:” link which a small pop up will show the different forums for other languages. Note that the North American English forums is pretty well the “core forums” for Overwatch as any developer responses will appear here.

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Surprisingly, yes! It should be all connected for non language barrier breaking countries but yes they do exist!

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Forum Trust Levels are posting privilege’s not related to the MVP program (MVPs are typically manually promoted to level 3 by Blizzard so we can do our work). I have a guide in the World of Warcraft forums that gives the rough breakdowns of advancing your forum privilege’s.


I’m gonna quote the myth himself here:

And he is right: the world could always use more heroes

That is both in an inspiring way and a way to say I want to play as Soujorn right now!

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There are different colors strictly for title roles, the other two are Blizzard Representative which is in Blue, and Overwatch Developer which is in Orange. I don’t expect them to increase the different color texts beyond that because otherwise, that is going to impact readability for all users.

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And here’s me thinking Wyoming myst just posted on the overwatch forums. This guy is incredible and I’m really confused how blizzard haven’t asked him to at least be more close in connection to them.