Wtf are those symm changes lol

This is exactly what I wanted for her. It encourages her to use the TP more liberally for her own mid-fight mobility rather than always reserve it and be a TP bot for her team. The CD now starts immediately, so if the TP lasts its full duration, the true CD after is only 6s.

Range reduction kind of sucks though. I don’t really get that change yet.

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True but it’s much faster, so it’s prob be decent enough of a ball (I’m biased, since Junkrat nades is only slightly faster than sym orbs.) but will need to see how it works first.

For it to be strictly worse but maybe more consistent isn’t addressing Symmetra’s core problems at all. Junkrat grenades aren’t particularly consistent either, even with the projectile size buff.


DUDE, I just saw it on Seagull, It’s FAST.

It’s good.

Still odd since they nerfed her damage potential… as a DPS.


22m btw is around the same range as hog hook. Just for reference. Your max tp range is now just above the range of a hog hook and moiras suck beam

Ok and current tp has no downtime. It doesnt run out. I dont see how that a buff lol. I would take a tele that lasts indefinitely with a 4 sec longer cooldown when you finally destroy it compared to being limited to a 10 sec duration

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Um, that’s still good range.

NGL, that range is decent enough for getting across a lot of points barring Havana, open areas.

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some of these repliers are giving adderallboy troll vibes…

it looks like it might overall be a nerf, but let it play out. Its a big playstyle adjustment. you can’t accurately predict how much value it will be capable of when someone starts optimizing it.

All I know is that the tp change is going to feel good even if its actually overall a slight nerf, and that the orb change absolutely warrants the other compound nerfs. m2 is literally about as wide as a firestrike and moves at 50m/s. That’s pretty good!!!

Ok. And how many peoples use symm currently exactly…. And how many people will play her now she has been nerfed …

Symm has got to be the worst designed hero in the game. None of her kit works together. Its all crap. She has a tank ult, her primary takes years to charge, ever since tp became an ability it has been doodoo clunky nonsense, her turrets are only good at low tier

She is an absolute dumpster truck mess of a hero


The same people that uses her for one reason, rush comp.

Frankly, I think she might see more use since her poke game is massively increase. Her right click is no joke and able to build ult charges thanks to her AOE damage before coming close enough for her beam.

Rush comp :clown_face:

Bruh why would you play her in rush over anything else?

Reaper is better in rush, tracer is better in rush, at this point bastion is probably better in rush.

She has a wet noodle primary fire that by the time you get to max charge you are back at spawn. Turrets that get no value. An ult that is completely negligible. She is awful


Just keep in mind these are changes for OW2 and not for OW1

No 2cp (which was really good for her)….spread out maps (which I suspect makes them weary about teleporter)……less barriers

They def make little sense to me for current sym….but I can see it being better for OW2


Uh, do you not know sym role in rush?

Tele, goes straight to point, puts turret, cap point fast and completely circumvent enemy defenses.

This is literally OWL playbook.

Oh the strat my team tries to do on hanamura and fails at everytime

Gotcha lol

Majority of the time its better to just play any other hero.

That is more to do with bad map design rather than symm being good btw. If there wasnt only 1 choke point and a massive open gap between the choke and the point symm wouldnt be used. Besides she doesnt get used on most other maps

Just hanamura and lijiang to bypass open space

Yea, but when it works, dear lord, it works.

She can still do that on hybrid maps, and she’s darn good at it since she saves resource when doing the tele.

Like, people not skill enough to pull it off doesn’t detract that she can do it and does it well. Heck, there’s a reason to keep her now more since she can poke at mid-range.

Ok… and the exact thing you are describing she is now worse at lol.

She cant just have a tele set up on lijiang anymore. It automatically gets destroyed after 10 seconds. No more setting up your tp for your team to get back faster. Now its gone and you have to wait 6 seconds. Sounds really good

Stevoo is struggling with her right now. The visual upgrades to her kit are pretty appealing and that’s about it.
Hurts me to say it cause I love her as a character - but if you’d like to focus on damage dealing, switch off to another hero.


Except it stays in one place. The point now is to reposition it frequently instead of leave it at spawn indefinitely to taxi your team. There was no fun in that for Sym and the team pretty much expects that on live, but they won’t anymore.

The reduced build time means you can use it in combat more safely as an evasive or tactical tool. It actually could have dueling applications. I’m not sure the CD is where it should be yet, but it’s a step in the right direction for making TP a tool more for Sym herself.

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She got the same treatment as Mei and Sombra.
That’s DPS Symmetra.
Enjoy :slight_smile:

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She’s able to constantly be able to tele herself, and her current teammates around. The tele destroying itself after 10 sec and starts the moment you put it down means you effectively only have to wait 6 seconds for the next one.

There’s a reason why the more aggro syms like the old tele since it allow them to move around a lot.

Like, you talk a lot but it seems you don’t know a lick of Sym strats.