Wtf are those symm changes lol

Giant nerfs across the board to an already underutilised hero :rofl:

Primary fire has more ammo but she cant recharge it off barriers anymore :upside_down_face: still doesnt address the fact it takes a millennia to charge up before you start to do decent damage

Secondary travels faster but has a smaller projectile meaning its harder to hit plus does 25% less damage. Also takes 20% longer to charge it to that reduced max damage. So let me get this right. it takes longer to charge, a harder to hit projectile, that now does less damage. the logic tho. Surely something thats harder to hit and has a long charge up should be doing more damage??? No?

Tele is just deleted. Now it doesnt last an infinite amount of time, only lasts 10 seconds. Has a much longer cooldown. Has 2/3 of the range.

Nerfed the slow on turrets. Because they were obviously too stronk for dps to deal with

The clownery :clown_face: and to actually think she was getting buffed


Did they really nerf teleport that bad? The range was already pitiful, but now added with a cooldown? It’s like they don’t want people to play this game.


No they do. They just dont want symm players to play the game

Love how excited they got on the reddit AMA knowing they were dumpstering her next beta :rofl:


If ya read through it.

Alternate fire projectiles are 100% faster travel speed, and teleporter has a downtime of 6sec, instead of 10sec.


That doesnt compensate the nerfs lol

It has a faster projectile speed but a smaller and less damaging projectile that takes longer to charge. I think 3 nerfs > 1 buff

And tp atm can have 0 downtime because it doesnt have a duration. You add a duration and act like having its downtime be 6 seconds is better than before :rofl:


Probably, but these two changes would.


What’s crazy is that they continue to buff Torb though! Why in the world would anyone pick Sym now? It’s pretty clear she needs another rework and can not be balanced with just reworking numbers. These changes to her are so out of touch with her reality.


Yeah not surprised they screwed Sym over again LOL… the pros and devs hate her along with countless 12-year old Genji mains.


WHAT?!?? at least give Sym the homing beam back, if they’re nerfing her this hard!!!


Oh, they gave sym her old tele back, the one where you have a limited time and cd starts the moment you place it.

I just don’t get it. It’s so contradictory to continue to buff Torb while nerfing Sym.


Good job Sym mains who barked about the tele - you got what you deserved, I mean, wanted… :+1:

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No. Giving her the old Tele back would involve NOT reducing the range by 1/3.

I just… seriously…


Why does it even have a range lol???

Just let her use her abilities ffs. They have to cuck her at every step


22 is still good range and the point is to quickly cut across.

It seems her secondary is being encouraged more. Interesting.

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Honestly i couldn’t help but laugh xD people take this game so seriously man come on, i mean the changes are bad don’t get me wrong but being all upset about it is just too funny


I never liked the infinite TP but what the hell is this


Pretty sure they will allow one Builder into comp, and Torb got the nod…

This is what “Badman” meant about “meaty” changes :rofl:

That guy kills me…

But it deals even less eDPS now. It’s still slower than a Hanzo arrow and it does 75 DPS (down from 80 previously). Mei has more eDPS with her icicle and that can not only crit, but has a much higher projectile speed.

When they said “meaty” Symmetra changes, everyone expected buffs, not a bunch of weird changes and nerfs.


1/3 the range, will that even get you past a choke?

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