Wrecking ball is unplayable

How is grapple breaking after 6 seconds supposed to be a fix for “spin2win” ?

Ball is pretty much unplayable now. You have little control of where you end up because there is no visual indicator at all showing when the 6 seconds are about to end up. They could have at least added one of those circles around the crosshair that counts down the remaining time

Terrible implementation. And a poor “fix” for a really minor problem to begin with. Was it even needed?

There are ways to fix “spin2win” other than having the grapple just break after some time. Like maybe just limit his speed after some time? So Hammond can’t just fireball spin infinitely, but let him stay grappled (it’s a death sentences to spin without fireball speed anyway - but now at least the player has better control over the character, and you don’t yeet yourself of the map accidentally)


maybe if they revert it BUT have certain places you cant grapple at all. like the payload on payload maps or certain areas on 2 cp maps, probably structures in the center of point

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I think I’ve come up with a solution to nerfing Spin2win without effecting pretty much anything else

Since it looks like you play Ball quite a bit, let me know what you think :slight_smile:

I’m also trying to make discussion a bit more concentrated instead of having so many different threads.

Yeah, seriously. Would this really have been so difficult to do?

I don’t think the nerf itself is awful, but not adding an indicator is really serious.

i’m confused did they say in the patch notes this was to nerf spin to win

I personally wanted the grapple latch point to be attackable to be disabled. It would give players enough time for spin to win strats to find the grapple point and shoot it. for like 80 hp to disable his hook and launching him at whatever velocity he was going. Some counterplay. Not play limitations. This just makes him overall more boring, no high grapple point huge map turns, no staying in a nook at a high location with grappling point now.

This is a really cool idea

The patch notes didn’t really say anything apart from what was new, they were extremely basic with no reasoning to why any of the changes were made, so I assume the “spin2win” nerf must be an assumption made.

This change is amazing.

At high Elo no one does spin to win and even if they wanted to 6 seconds it plenty of time.

Think of a low Elo lobby.
People can’t aim well in low elo.

But a low Elo ball player that can literally just grapple and spin with no other skill required can punish these players that can’t aim.

This actually improves low Elo games while not affecting games where players start to getting better across the board.

To think ball needs to be able to do this is uninformed.

-ball main.

I have a 3 min video of grappling the highest point on Nepal pillar and spinning for 3 min in a low Elo lobby. They actually can’t out damage adaptive shield when players are still at the skill level of low accuracy.

Too much value for nothing invested.

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He’s not unplayable, but you lose a lot of high-end plays with the nerf.

And to constantly worry about the 6 seconds every time you grapple is quite a mental drain (yes, we use it for stuff other than spin2win, believe it or not)

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You mean like Bastion holding right-click in low elo?

This wasn’t a change that needed to be made. This was a change made to “start a discussion” as Blizzard have stated.

You have to aim still
But nice try

Not a great implementation, I agree, albeit it’s for a very just cause…

Many people have come up with ideas that address the collateral damage this latest change causes.

I enjoy the change because it means Hammond is forced to engage with teams every 6 sec. There are people who try to sit in grapple for way too long expecting teams to initiate. Its not even spinning. Its actively just waiting off the side or to roll out. Though the char has other options. Use it.

I wish they fixed spin to win without ruining the hero. They forked up so many techs and set up spots with this nerf.
Not only he keeps the grapple cooldown on respawn while other heroes can come out of spawn faster to “stagger”, but he also loses a wide variety of techs.

I don’t mind losing spin to win, but the way they handled it is terrible. We lost so much and I guarantee you people are still going to “Spin2Win” with 6 seconds. This did nothing to solve the real issue and instead made the hero less fun.

Possible solution

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