Would you play OW with a brain chip?

Anyone else just watch the Neuralink 2022 presentation that just ended?

I’m really excited for this stuff and what it means as a consumer/gamer. The Neuralink and Elon are very keenly aware of this aspect of the technology. One of the team members who talks with a focus group of actual handicapped people on what kinds of things they want to do most in life (they all have some kind of neurological or motor function issue)

and one patient said he most wanted to play shooter games again. So Neuralink is very aware of these kinds of wishes, and said it’s very much in the realm of possibility one day

Would you play OW with a brain chip? Youd essentially be staring at your monitor and think what you want to do, and it streams your “output” thoughts to a nearby computer or phone, which interprets them into whatever you need, in this case would be controller/keyboard/mouse input for the game.

It could probably be set up to have your eyes movement control the actual aiming direction/cursor on-screen.

One example they showed with their test monkeys had an infrared camera tracking the monkey’s eye movements while it looked at a screen with dots that appeared. If the monkey looked at a dot, it would get a small food treat.

Then they would send a signal into it’s brain chip to simulate the dot directly in the monkey’s mind, but the dot wouldn’t actually appear on the monitor, and the monkey would still look at it and get the treat

From what my armchair scientist mind could understand, there’s currently 1024 channels in the current model that can send out or receive bits. So they can essentially give you a 1024 pixel image implanted directly into your mind, bypassing your eyes

These 1,024 channels can also be used as bits, or 1 and 0, on and off. Pressing a key on a keyboard is 1 bit of information, so the average human types maybe 5-10 bits per second, which is magnitudes below what the current neuralink chip can send out/receive. So you could type or send movement commands, up to 1024 per second which is way above what a human could think at

Their next model will be 16,000 channels, and they plan on letting it double up and install 2 at once, one on each side of the visual processing area of brain which wraps around back of head and is both on left and right

So that’s 32,000 total channels, or a 32,000 pixel image. They also talked about compression and algorithms to not have to take a 1 to 1 approach, but maybe 1 to 10 or 1 to 100

Idk I just am really excited and wanted to talk about this stuff. An audience member asked about the long term plans and Elon mentioned memory being very important future goal of theirs to work towards, being able to save memories (or even write them from outside program, the example joke being that they could teach you kung fu with a download)

I am really excited, esp seeing their progress and upgrades from 2 years ago, and where they plan to go in next iteration. They even improved from the previous surgery model and no longer remove skull to put chip on brain.

The new model sits below the skin but on top of the dura, a hard “shell” between skull and brain, and the threads are inserted through the dura itself, so there’s no longer chip-brain surface contact (where healing tissue would form in previous versions)

The main bottleneck right now, in the grand picture, is thread length. They are so small (like 10x less thick than a hair) and so short, and the needle insertion is so tiny that they can’t go very deep into the brain, and avoiding veins is a major issue as well, you can only go straight and will run into them all over

So they can’t reach memory or emotion sections right now, basically nowhere but areas close to the outer edge, which is why they’re focused on visual and muscular sections, visual and the spine which gives movement info to rest of body


It’s literally a plot point from every dystopian science fiction from a company that was founded by a guy that also rules over a company that creates self-immolating cars. No thank you.


Well it’s an optional service one day, not forced,

and will be lifechanging to restore eyesight to blind people, or let cripples walk, or cure/pre-detect diseases like ALS and dementia etc

They’re also going to be opening it up to the neuroscience and surgical and computer science communities, so just like microsoft can create a computer and other outside companies can write software for it and improve it, they create neuralink and other organizations can optimize and write software for it to work better


Unless it is a Sandevistan grade chip, dont want it.


Who knows, since it would help so much we could end up in point when its mandatory chip to fix up kids while they still young, as preventing asnything like that in longer run… but i doubt i live to that day. What im glad about, i dont plan to have anything connected to my brain that is not natural part of my body.

Technology itself is never bad when used properly and it’s implementation.

Obviously helping disabled people or even augumenting beyond biological capabilities would be cool.

Depends how it’s done and the kind of drawbacks it causes the kind of freedom and control you have.

This is a era were your devices are being controlled and data scrapped, these are the same corps that will be writing software and designing hardware that you are going to embed into urself.

Depends if you are ok with that.

Also think about it’s implementation in places like China Russia north korea.

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I would not use this unless absolutely necessary.

Technology is wonderful and this would be a boon to those who are disabled but in a world of exploding phones and malfunctioning autopilot I will not surrender perfectly capable tissue to enhancement that could destroy it.

Perhaps in 100 years when the technology has been tested and proven and made to standards… but I will no longer be around.


Yes there’s still a very very long time from human testing
FDA is still working through everything to even approve it for use in non-animals
I think when it IS human-ready, it will only be for early rich adoptors, and will be years of them testing and showing what can go well and what goes wrong…

by the time it gets to average joes like us at a decent price, it will have probably gone through 3 more upgrades/revisions to make it safer/better/longer lasting (current model they predict will be a 5 year long version before it needs replacement, but they’re already making whole new versions every 2 years so will outpace this over time

pls nerf brain assist, op af


not to mention almost every monkey they’ve tested this wretched thing on has either died or has had crippling brain damage.

I’m sure exploding car guy will definitely hammer out these small issues. Just like how we were going to get a <30k Tesla by 2015.


Sounds cool, but I won’t live long enough to ever see anything like this in action. Not that I’m old, just that stuff like this is so far away there’s no point in even talking about it.
Same with self driving cars.

If its Elon Musk in charge. I’m just gonna go ahead and say it. He sucks! SO I dont know, hows that hyperloop and the cybertruck or that semi truck or that robot doing… Bad? yeah! lol. Little known thing about Elon. He really hates the government but he sure likes their money! Cause umm the US gubment pays for space x and Tesla and all the stuff hes actually done well with. Anything he hasnt gotten a bunch of government money for not so much. Oh and now Twitter lol


Providing details of the monkeys that were euthanized during its projects, Neuralink said that animal usage was extremely well planned and two monkeys were euthanized to gather scientific data from their brain tissues. In addition to this, six animals were euthanized on the medical advice of the UC Davis staff after surgical complications such as device failure and infections following device implants.

The company has transferred monkeys assigned to its project to its new facility and upgraded its surgical protocols and device design. The improvements have already been demonstrated in the video that the company released last year with a successful implant in a monkey enabling him to play Pong, the company claimed.

Neuralink also claimed at its new facility, the company and its staff have gone beyond the regulatory demands to provide care to its animals and that includes housing, diet, socialization, removing restraints for its research animals, and retiring the animals who do not show an inclination to participate in their research studies.

It also claimed that its facilities meet the requirements as set up by the USDA and Animal Welfare Act.

They have vastly improved since then. They no longer do chip-to-brain implants. The chips are now above the dura, a material above the skull, so they no longer drill/remove skull either.
They also removed harnesses and wire stuff, the monkeys are freeform and only participate if they want to, and if they show signs of brain degradation, unwillingness to cooperate, or any issues, the monkeys are taken out of the project.

They explained all of this in the presentation earlier today. Their two main test monkeys have had the new chip design working and testing for 1.5 years now and both monkeys are happy and healthy

The fact they still do animal testing is despicable to me.
Killing monkeys and tormenting them so people can play video games differently
Wow so worth it

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The primary function of neuralink from the start was to help handicapped people like restore eyesight to blind, restore movement to paralyzed, cure dementia and other brain-issues

And we will never get to this goal without upgrading and arriving at a model that’s 100% safe for human use,

we will never reach that without animal testing phase


Presentations are always flowery and filled with beautiful hypotheticals.

I’m either going no way or all the way. All flesh, or all steel.

The main point of shooters is to control and manipulate your character (MANO means hands from Latin origins AFAIK). If you directly input your thoughts into the game bypassing actual peripheral mechanics such as MKB, the game would be unplayable for all, it would be like a cheat. Eyes are way too precise to be read from and implemented as a game control.

Elon Musk is fake bro


Overwatch Isekai?
I’d rather die a slow and painful death.

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