Would you play OW with a brain chip?

I want a retina, not a chip.

Anyway, wouldn’t that be cheating? Unless everyone ends up doing it…I guess the rules will have to change.

If I played ow with a brain chip it would just automatically type “AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” in chat due to my existential anxiety


the omnic war crisis but brought to you by Elon

You have heard of eye tracking right, check Toni cam or something.

It’s already a thing even samito or someone tried it with overwatch.

Even in these early stages it’s good, and then facebook has a meta verse headset were the eye tracking is way better and super accurate cause they have like 16 sensors for it.

That is what I am talking about, it would be an unplayable mess if someone would play with that features in your lobby and you don’t have it. And even having it for everyone would make shooters pointless.

I didn’t even think of this it would be so funny if there was a feature like all match chat but it’s actually your thoughts and we can have minority report moment.

Were the game bans you cause you have toxic thoughts lol.

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Ud basically have to get rid of crit multipliers and make certain heroes useless

Can you imagine Blizzard beaming commands into your brain like “Purchase skins, purchase the battle pass”? Companies would do it if they could.


Basically, this.

I love the “idea” of what theyre doing, but “thats the point”, isnt it? “Oh look at this totally awesome amazing incredible thing were doing! Its so cool!”. Sure. if it actually was that.

In reality- I have pretty much zero faith in anything Musk touches. Man is the epitome of over promise, under deliver.


Still gross.
Torturing monkeys so grandma can walk again.

Reminds me of the futurama brain ad things.


Brain chipping is a lot even with the most trustworthy people in charge.

But of all evil billionaires to trust with this sort of thing, Elon would be bottom tier. The guy doesn’t exactly have the greatest track-record of competence and seems to be straight up spiraling of late.


Context: I have a life sciences degree and am finishing off my CS masters rn; previously worked in clin trials software

I’m really worried about long term reliability and support, long term side effects, privacy, and potentially not being inclusive.

I’ll trust it a lot more when we get this working on prosthetics, and when someone other than Elon is working on it. Medical devices can kill or permanently injure people and twitter inspires zero confidence, not that I had any before.

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Subliminal messages with binuaral beats.

While the idea has some really great promise, I think that there needs to be a lot of safeguards in place if it is ever used. It’s great that it may have the potential to help people who may be differently abled, but there are a lot of risks to any kind of implant, especially with something as central as the brain. It gives me Sword Art vibes too, which while cool would be incredibly scary. Probably a dumb comparison :S

I could never fault anyone for wanting to use something like this to change their life for the better, but the safety concerns are definitely not minimal at this point.

I wouldn’t touch anything that has Elon’s taint on it, especially if it has anything involving my Brain. Noooooo thank you. If Teslas in Autopilot can drive into small children and Police cars, and mistake Amish Buggys for Semi trucks, and have Issues where the Steering wheel can literally fall off the car, I want him as far as possible from my brain, thank you.


Yes. I would love to be chipped if it gave me a better interface to the world of internet and eventually data. It would eventually lead to more private systems of personal information than what we have now with blockchain technology (which finance is going to use regardless even if crypto crashes and burns).

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But, and hear me out now.

What if: Blizzard increased your OW2 currency gain to a whole 100 coins per week in exchange for you accepting the chip?
Voices droning in the distance getting louder
“Accept the chip, accept the chip” x infinitum

Edit, since you liked this message, the contract is hereby fulfilled.
One chip is on the way, kind sir/madam.

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That’s why I’m glad they are opening up the software fully and publishing it on their website, and they said multiple times yesterday they want to get it into the hands of other separate neuroscientists, doctors, coders, and surgeons not associated with neuralink so it can be improved and interated on

Nah. I veer towards being more natural than synthetic.