Workshop Stats - 5/30/19

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Wow, the response to the Workshop has been overwhelming. You all are creating some amazing content!

We just got some stats that I figured you’d all be interested in.

Thanks so much for all of this great content!

First off, here are the NA/EU Charts:

link duration hours num matches avg players desc
WMVZC 1370 1556 11.3 uno
9DFF3 1246 899 8.2 floor is lava parkour
9J4NE 1048 1261 8.2 mcree hot potato
JWY47 942 1271 9.5 hammond racing
9655A 940 1469 8.2 gun game
6ZBX5 897 1094 8.2 dva bumperkart
4QY7N 765 1966 8.2 flappy bird
TGT12 681 823 9.0 floor is lava
BD9WP 633 1291 8.2 dva racing
PJTY1 598 493 9.0 endgame
0V9FF 598 657 8.5 emote to kill
W2ZMG 596 843 9.0 dva space battle
Y1S15 586 817 11.3 play as two heroes
BE2J7 550 726 8.2 portal gun
R98SS 540 592 9.0 “tea” mode
7KR0G 519 641 8.2 top down overwatch
8E1CK 503 708 8.2 bastion turret ffa
P3DNC 491 1010 9.0 flappy bird
NVFTS 423 753 9.0 3rd person mode
2SQKT 394 574 8.2 super smash bros
E5NGZ 389 698 8.2 helicopter mode
JBWH8 386 660 8.2 surfer mei
PH0BJ 340 558 9.0 lucio racing
7DC42 328 491 8.2 hero gauntlet

From our Global Insights group:

"In NA, someone has managed to recreate UNO, the card game. Surprisingly, it has the most hours played out of any link. This may be a result of consolidation; there is only 1 version of UNO floating around, but hundreds of accuracy trainer variations.

Workshop has been extremely well received in KR; the most popular game mode in KR has a total of 5667 hours played so far, more than 4x the top link in NA. It is called “High Blood Pressure Marathon” (혈압마라톤) which is a mode with no cooldowns, infinite ultimates, and some other crazy things mixed in."

And here are the KR top charts (forgive any localization issues or typos here):

link total hours num matches avg players english korean
BJFYV 5447 4870 18.6 High Blood Pressure Marathon 혈압마라톤
XSC7P 4858 8994 21.0 RPG w/shop RPG 상점모드
NMJZD 3098 3129 14.0 Infinity Stones 흙수저 맥크리
1T630 2873 2996 15.1 Crossy Road 길건너 친구들
9H9N7 2245 3814 20.6 RPG w/shop, no cheat key RPG 상점모드 키트키X
07CDJ 1943 1734 12.6 Ratating Bomb 폭탄돌리기
V42EB 1813 2205 12.8 Death Jump Rope 죽음의 줄넘기
PDQXT 1648 1533 17.6 Freeze tag 얼음땡
YD66G 1640 1674 18.2 Cop and Thief 경찰과 도둑
9YV2E 1640 2628 12.0 battle royale battle royale

TOP 10 Workshop Modes May 2019!
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Any chance we can vote for these workshop to be in the arcade rotation?


Hope there is a possible chance that we can get a code for temporary shields/armor.

But workshop is a good addition from the dev team, it definitely gives some more creativity in OW.


What’s with the average players is korea being approximately twice as large. Do you count spectators and queue as well?

Also surprised i don’t see any pokemon game. I have been working on my improved version because the two other ones are either really badly done (150 rules where 100 can be solved with 3 loops) or too lackluster/simple.
Pokemon would be a great addition to the arcade.

It’s one of the few arcade modes that forces communication and critical thinking.
In the version i am making at least. Trainer can apart from usual healing and recall also recover ultimate, clear statuses, give a special power like speed. These are all limited use and both trainers have the same options.
Making it actually properly like hero gauntlet would be twice as fun.


Wait… why are there 12+ avg. players in all of these matches? Does it count spectators?


Huh i’m surprised more people don’t play murder mystery, it’s pretty fun.


Or more than 2 custom games are available with the same code at the same time.


People leave custom games lobbies open and lots of players jump in and out


Well, what’s puzzling is that there are no modes in NA with more than 12 players, and there are no modes in KR with less than 12 players.


I wish lobbies were persistent. I wish that if I wanted to play X game mode, the lobby for it would always be available. Basically how actual servers worked of old.

It’s a bit sucky that I have to wait around for a lobby with players in it (for more niche modes), or wait for my own to populate.

I just wanna play “QP but no snipers” man.


Can we please have experience points added to workshop modes? I think a lot more people would play if that happened, especially due to the event going on currently.


I’m surprised to see there are no Murder Mystery in here. Or is it only in sea region?


why are those numbers so low though is my question. I would have thought they would have been much higher like 10’s of thousands… of matches of each. These numbers just show how little activity there actually is in overwatch… especially NA no wonder they moving to mobile and GCHHINNAAAA


I feel like these numbers would rise gradually if you allowed us to gain XP again from custom games again. At the moment it’s just to have some fun but there’s no reward or incentive apart from that.


Kinda surprised I don’t see infection on here, as there are always several games running. I guess it’s because there are so many variations?


Thats just because there are several lobbies I would think


Same, tbh the numbers are a bit random so they might have simply left it out.


how…how does uno work in OW ._.?

also KR must be crazy…unlimited ults?

Zarya would be so godly.


I’d love to play uno against people

Draw four