[Article] Can we make with Blizzard Workshop modes more popular?


Hey there!

I just thought about new PTR feature dummy bots and… I just realised that everyday workshop making more stronger and comfortable to use. So i think we must make Custom Workshop modes more popular.

Look at this, when Workshop was released, much guys made Gun Game mode and Blizzard helped them with realization of this mode by pushing it into Arcade Modes. So much players played in this mode and found out about it even who dont like Custom Games.

A lot of time has passed since that day and now in Workshop exist so much modes, like action games or board games, psychological games or AIM-traning, almost all types of modes, but Custom Games not so popular still i think.

Dan Reed and Keith Miron did great work, what will be if instead typical arcade modes like Low Gravity or Total Mayhem that everyone is tired of, each week will be one mode from Workshop that Developers of Overwatch will count as best one of this week (or sometimes just nice modes which not was played when in the week will be no well done modes) ?

Imagine, each new week in Arcade Modes appear, as example, UNO!

Or a Train Wrecks!

I dont know so much popular modes more, i dont playing custom games so much lol, but as example also can suggest my mode as variant - Tic-Tac-Toe mode instead 1v1 Arcade Duel.

Is it will be nice, if Blizzard already helped players with Gun Game to get into Arcade Modes, what will be if all popular modes will be in Arcade each 1 week, 1 slot of arcade modes will be from Workshop?

Or maybe some advertising in the Battlenet Client, like with Hearthstone, where sometimes show popular streamers video.

Also will be more nice if Developers or Overwatch will publish Overwatch Workshop Statistics like This One more often than now, because we so like it!

I hope someday Workshop will be more popular than now, with some help of Blizzard it can become important part of daily gameplay and im sure that people, which like to farm some arcade Containers will be more glad to see each week something new instead modes which there already so long time. Each week there will be a new mode!

Also it will be a good incentive for Workshop Developers to make modes more intense, if they can get some potencial reward from Blizzard or a chance to see own mode into Arcade Modes!

I have really 100500+ ideas and i can hardly restrain myself to stop talk lol, but what you think about it? What will be with if to try make more communicating with Workshop Custom Modes and QP, Arcade or something else?


I think Overfighter should be on the arcade for a bit.


Yes, i hope not only Overfighter will be there, maybe some other cool modes too.

But im not sure that Blizzard even read this post lol.