Workshop Stats - 5/30/19


Looks like Mass Rez Mercy scripts are not nearly as popular as some people are claiming them to be




Honestly, working in Workshop for the last couple of weeks was probably the most enjoyable programming experience I had in years. Being able to finally give form to the ideas I had for the game and then seeing first hand how people learn and interact with the creation is an extremely rewarding experience.

Many thanks to the Overwatch devs from a fellow programmer! :slight_smile:


These numbers aren’t counting all games. There are always 3-6+ games of murder mystery or 3rd person murder mystery that are at or near filled. I myself have sunk tons of hours I to it. It has always had more games than Hammond or Lucio racing when I’ve searched, those you might find 1-2 games normally. Maybe this only lists games with the same code, as I’ve seen other games similarly more popular than this list, but perchance the runners edit something so diff code or don’t share the code?


I’m surprised customizable HUDs weren’t made possible in the workshop. It kinda makes sense, but it seems like something that would’ve happened when workshop came out.


Really interesting stuff, thanks for the stats Jeff! And congrats to the creators! :blush:

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Give us XP from work shop games.
Update arcade with some popular modes to rotate.


Any chance we can get a section in the workshop specifically for hero fixes and re-works? A lot of people have different ideas on how to change heroes to make them move viable, so it would be cool if there was a section just for that where players and devs can test the changes and see if they actually work.


I like “the floor is lava”. Hope someone remakes “The hidden” from garrys mod.


When are you finally going to add Native Ultrawide Support


Please add a confirmation for saving because numerous times i’ve accidentally saved over my gamemode and have to restart.


please add in map making tools, it would work so well alongside the workshop’s game mode making tools


i never checked out this Uno gamemode


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Its probably because half of them are called Murder Mystery or, like it should be, TTT.


Introduction of the TOP 10 most popular modes with one quick tip for each one of them and the latest code right here:


Is there any chance we could get a XP decay for workshop instead of flat out no xp after to shooting someone for a while. For example after a certain amount of time you get 20% less exp and then 50 and then none or something. So that if you are playing more slow placed modes you might at least get a little xp