[Workshop Mode] Overhammer - Custom Heroes

The Ana thing is for my debug purposes.

Are you holding secondary fire down/having it stuck while you’re trying primary by any chance?

It being held/stuck gives me normal arrows on the code.


Could you tell me if any of these codes work?

67GDP (auto on spawn)
91D8Y (on primary button)
QQB9T (on secondary button)

Basically it s same as usual. Manual input for storm arrow for all these. Sad. It s like if secondary was always active. I didn t mess with the firge but mais set the secondary input to 0 when hanzo gets picked ? Idk

I’m guessing that the press button action is somehow not working on Xbox.

Could you try this: 2SAH6, I swapped the press ability 2 button action to start holding ability 2 and stop holding ability 2. It should autofire when you spawn as hanzo.

If this code works, you should write a bug report to blizzard about the press button action not working.

Still not, keep trying

Maybe we should continue on discord so we don’t reply even more to this yhread

Oops, that last one required a primary press.

CGMW6 should autofire.

You can delete old replies if they feel redundant to you.

discord.gg/hFf6BXS or if you’ve made one.

What is fywwv meant to be ?

Also still not working

(FYWWV) and others in the game description are share codes for the same/older version of the mode.

Hey dude i have a question. My gamemode crashes quite a bit to workshop overload and i’ve tried to make it better and im not sure i can. Does yours do anything like that lmk please thanks

Here are my tips regarding crashes:

Maybe for next update try to balance heroes now ? Also buff sym max hp primary ability ples

Maybe next update nerf pharah ?

I found some bugs, firstly, if Reinhardt gets full power, charges, and during the charge lets go of left click he will complete the charge and keep full charge and be able to walk around at full speed. Also, with Sigma, if you are stunned (for example, Hook or sleep dart) or use ult as you are deploying his barrier, the barrier will stay there.

Thanks adix31 and Rayz1123,

Pharah will have the same cd function as Ashe [Ability 1].

I have added a fix to Rein that comes in the next version.

There currently is a problem with how Sigma acts with Is secondary attacking (Experimental Shield) value, which in my opinion should be true when the shield is up, but it currently is not.

I could make a full surround to solve all these different events and try to predict if its up or not, but i do not think it is worth the limited amount of rules I have available for use.

Sorry for necro but this game mode is genuinely trash with it’s current state.
Had the enemy team run 6 baps, was impossible to do anything against unlimited ammo & unlimited stun.

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Don’ worry not a necro the post is being modified and updated (last update 21st or December). Of course if a whole team takes baptiste it’s going to be very hard to win. Some solutions :

  • Kill Fire with Fire. Go full D.Va and spam ability 1 or just take baps/mercy. There’s almost always 1 or 2 counters to a character
  • Just limit heroes, easier

How do you get the fire rate ups like with Ashe’s crouch or Genji’s spin, or Soldier Primary or Zen’s secondary fire?

How do you get the fire rates up?