Winter Wonderland Delay - Sign of things to come!

So a normal, recycled event that happens (checks calendar) the same time each year got delayed.

It is just a few days, but …

Multiply the complexity of a full reboot of OW in OW2, raise to the power of a game studio in turmoil, subtract the key positions that have left, all divided by the lack of positive news on OW2, and correct for the waning popularity of OW1 …

Man, this is looking bleak :sob:


See Andy’s blue post - delayed due to “unforeseen circumstances” or something.

There should have been an announcement or teasers already but …

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Ah, I hadn’t seen that yet. Still, it’s not the end of the world.


No, not at all.

But this doesn’t look like a fully functioning AAA game studio.


If anything, it is extremely positive. Now it doesn’t have to compete with bigger games also having their events or updates at the same time. They know their place.

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True - maybe if OW2 is never released, it won’t have to compete with bigger games! /s

But srsly, the delay of a regular event is not good at all. And there are several big gaming events next week. And people are buying Xmas gifts NOW with all the shipping delays.

OW is losing a key advertising and sales window because the studio was not ready. Not good at all!

It is fine, nobody was going to buy it 5 years late after the developers announced it wouldn’t get any more content. Trust.

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It is fine, I agree, but OW2 is doomed. It makes me sad!


Oh, yeah, absolutely. Overwatch 2 pvp is a lost cause. The pve, though? I still have faith.

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It is doomed indeed but that could be a good thing. If they scrap OW2 they will definitely focus on improving OW the way they should have during the past few years.

Things tend to not go as expected during a strike……

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Imagine delaying update containing few skins… Lmao


If they scrap OW2, OW1 isn’t getting updated. The franchise will die.


Sad but true … and OW2 is 50/50 at this point imho.

this :arrow_up:

OW2 is not going to be cancelled.

Just delayed, gutted, and without a loyal fanbase.

In 2024.


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Don’t come at me with that pessimism. I believe in Team 4 to deliver a good game when it’s ready.

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Loyal fanbase?

OW2 will appeal to the general gaming population, loyalty means nothing, going both ways.

If it is fun, it will do well, if it sucks, it will flop.

Drama queens, jesus.

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Unfortunately, Team 4 does not sit on the board of Activision.

All they need to do is decided Blizz is a toxic asset, shuffle a few people, and OW2 goes down in an annual report as a writeoff.

50/50, I repeat.

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Boy oh boy I wonder if there’s some kind of hint as to what would be slowing down development/deployment for various Activision-Blizzard patches. I really just can’t place my finger on it, I guess it must be because the devs are incompetent. /s