Winter Wonderland Delay - Sign of things to come!

LOL, never said devs are incompetent.

And a strike because of rampant abuse from the CEO down is a “good” explanation?

ROFL, this is more of a sign the OW is in trouble. Incompetent devs would be vastly better than an entire studio that is in flames.


I know. Hence the /s.
You did however state that it doesn’t look good for the studio, as if the studio is at fault, of which the Devs are a part.

Yes? Why wouldn’t it be? Workers standing together to protect each other from abuse is very much a good thing. Workers prioritizing their mental and physical health over their jobs is very much a good thing. Strangers donating to a Strike-Fund for the workers to get treated better is very much a good thing.

I don’t know about you, but morally - at least to me, I’d happily wait out Overwatch with no events until things get sorted out. People will stop playing, people will leave, which means people will stop buying. Monetary pressure works, it just has to be coordinated, and it is the reason why strikes work.

The ideal world is that there wouldn’t be a delay because there’d have been no abuse suffered. But that’s not reality. This isn’t “omg Overwatch is dying” this isn’t “Blizzard is dying” this is people fighting to make a difference in their work place, which is a GOOD thing.

Blizzard as a studio is a dumpster fire right now.

It this a good thing for IRL issues, like humans, fairness, and justice? Heck yes it is.

And it is a good reason to delay a stupid winter event. We agree.

What you are missing is my point - Blizz as a studio is at a crisis point. Activision can restructure and reshuffle at any time, and their stock price would go up!

OW2 is very tenuous. The strike REINFORCES my point.


Its not the first time an ow event got pushed back, so im not really surprised.


Doomer alert. Okay really? They’ve delayed the “same recycled events” a handful of times before, but because of negativity and constant whining, we have to assume the worst? Get out of here lol. It isn’t the end of the world. People really need to learn to breathe.


Sometimes, they release things on Thursday. I think we should wait until then be4 we start a panic bout Winter Wonderland delay. It might not even be delayed! Who knows? Right now, it’s still only Monday, so it could happen tmr too! Idk. But, I wouldn’t panic until after Thursday and it hasn’t gotten here yet.

I do too as well, but if there is no Team 4 anymore to deliver a good game cause they all got fired… I can only turn to radical pessimism.

Ah yes them scraping 2+ years and tons of money will surely help overwatch 1 and not send them to the Cod mines.

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Unforseen circumstances could mean anything.

Maybe they had to update perforce or w/e internal service they use to unify files and it caused a weird issue with windows

Maybe one of the artists spilled drink on his hard drive

Maybe they had a sudden and widespread mouse infestation at the office, making it impossible to work unless they clear them out

I still believe it’s got something to do with the strike coming up.

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I should stop visiting these forums to read these kind of annoying, hyperbolic posts.

Especially when the day Overwatch gets updated to Overwatch 2, you all will be back here playing and enjoying it like you weren’t making posts like these.


Do you people actually want better conditions for people at Blizzard or not? So far, it seems like people are outraged by the conditions at Blizzard… until it affects their video games, be it a character’s name being changed or some content being slightly delayed.

The people that make Overwatch are more important than Overwatch. They are people. Overwatch is a video game. If you don’t realise this, you need to reassess your priorities.


overwatch is so far buried its not competing with anything at all. especially at a time when basically every game has/willhave SOME kind of event for the holidays

True, the lineup for 2022-2023 seem to be companies putting their (relatively) best foot forward. Then there’s Overwatch.

The last time a first person shooter mentioned “unforeseen circumstances”, the next installment disappeared into the void. Only to be talked about in aliased terms years after the fact.

I mean sure… but it isn’t an amazing new event filled with new game modes, emotes, skins, voice lines and highlights…

It’s probably a handful of skins, some recycled rares and sprays. IF there is even a change to the game modes I’ll be surprised and we haven’t really gotten any highlight animations in a long time. This should of easily been tested and up weeks ago…

A strike so late really shouldn’t affect it’s ability to go live if it was at all prepared. It’s not like they had much else to work on in the last few months.

What “things to come”? OW2 already got delayed, without even having a release date.

The “unforeseen circumstances” could be related to the strike that’s brewing. People need to chill out. We will get updates. But we need to be patient and supportive so Blizzard workers can get their rights :slight_smile:


I love how this is a good thing now - “Ah, no problem! This regular and long-scheduled patch is just delayed because of a toxic work culture that has has many key employees leave, caused massive negative press, killed BlizzCon, spooked investors, and threatened the legacy of one of the most revered studios in all of gaming. Yeah, no problem. Overwatch 2 will totally make it through this hellscape and will be great.”

OK :man_facepalming:


I think you meant “if” :sweat_smile:.

Jokes aside, I agree - these absolutes are bit much but I can also equally understand the doubt igniting it all…