Winston Tune up?

Any thoughts on why Winston has never received a tune up? I feel like his playstyle itself is a blast, but his damage output is vastly lower than any of the other tanks. Even against the lowest health heroes you literally have to spend a whole magazine of ammo to land a kill sometimes even after jump damaging them. His shield also has much lower HP than other shield tanks. I feel like he could benefit from a slight damage increase, shield health increase, and maybe a bit of extra range or chaining capability for his Tesla cannon. Thoughts?

Jeff has said that they don’t have any plans to buff Winston. His damage is low because he can hit multiple targets, as well as having a big jump on a short cooldown and having a lot of health.


Winston is not a killer. He just creates space for someone else to mop up enemies being disoriented and damaged by lightning and confused by bubble barrier. Winston needs friends to dive together.

How long ago was that though? Other tanks have since had tuneups and are far more used.

The last time he got buffed,it started dive meta.

Dont forget that he used to have his shield CD start when the barrier was destroyed or vanished. That little change increased his shield uptime by a lot.
Hes being countered hard right now,it dosnt mean he is in any need of buffs.

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From 1 week ago.

Winston was by far the most-picked main tank during dive, and his strength has been clearly demonstrated. He really doesn’t need anything.


That’s an odd way of saying from now on.

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What makes you think the next hero wont counter Winstons counter?Bringing Winston back into the picture.

Anything that counters Brigitte will probably eradicate remaining viable heroes too.

7 days ago.

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A Brigitte counter won’t change the meta, we already have plenty of them. Whatever causes the meta to shift next will be a combination of complex factors, that work together to make the current comp less viable.

Who knows, maybe the Symmetra rework will make dive stronger on attack (to counter high ground symmetra deathballs on defense). Or maybe it’ll be one of a million other things that could change the meta.

All it takes is a shift back to dive (at least for some maps) and Winston becomes strong again.

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What will stop Doomfist from killing Symmetra just like he kills Soldier 76, on the spot with no chance of retaliation?

I just don’t see any DPS hero without decent mobility as potentially viable.

Not true, anything can be countered with the proper kit without hurting others too much.

Anti healing aura
Attack speed decreasing ability

One of these 2 would immediately counter Brigitte and a few others, but depending how the rest of this “hero”-s kit looks like,it can enable other heroes to delete this hero. This would be the prime example of rock paper scissor which this game is supposed to look like.

Just because right now Winston isnt a viable pick against everything like he pretty much did in the last year or so, it dosnt mean we should buff him back to that state. Let him rest a little and let the game evolve. Who knows, maybe even the Torb rework or the Sym rework will enable him again. Imagine if hes getting buffed and they enable him even more. What then? Wash Mercy’s blood from the nerfbat and start hitting Winston with it until he isnt even Winston anymore?

It’s better to do something before it’s too late. Sitting around dumpster fire of a balance is not going to get this game very far.

Winston is fine, slightly OP even

Winston doesn’t need changes. He’s in a good spot. He’s not meta but there is a difference between non-meta and just bad. For example Sombra is just bad and as such there are very few, if any, situations in which Sombra is good. Winston is great in a lot of situations not including dive. He is a solid pick but if the enemy team is running heavy on high health targets or they have a steady supply of armor then Winston is not good.

Actually, the old tune up that allowed bubble to immediately deploy without hitting the ground was huge and game changing. He’s in a bad spot because tracer is very hard to pull off; he himself is fine.

He’s only just become non-meta for the first time in about a year, I think it would be quite impulsive to buff him so soon.

Thats the worst thing you can do.

I say it again,Winston is fine. In every single aspect, Jeff said so as well. He was meta for a whole year. Just because he falls out for a while it dosnt mean he got worse or need to be buffed so he can dictate the meta once again, it dosnt work like that.
Besides,Winston was just as much making sure,that certain heroes dont get playtime if not more than Brigitte does.

I don’t remember suggesting any changes to Winston. I think that it’s time to finally make Mercy less of an obvious choice for healer spot. Time to tone down Discord Orb, make it disappear quickly on LoS block and limit its speed like was limited before. Time to dethrone broken heroes.